Hitfilm Express (Free Version) Lag and preview problems

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I found Hitfilm and started to fall in love but the only problem I'm having is that it lags alot! When ever I try edit the video in the preview skips aton making it impossible to edit. I'm not sure how to fix this I've tried a few methods but since Hitfilms new its hard to find methods.

My Basic Specs:

Windows 8.1

Intel(R) Pentium(R) 3558U @ 1.70GHz 1.70GHz

Installed Ram:4.00GB

64-Bit operating system


Thank you-Makayla


  • Your footage is probably  probably h.264 encoded mp4 files, and any NLE will slow down when dealing with mp4 (Although Hitfilm is worse with it than some others). 

    H.264 is a "delivery" codec meant to just be played back on a device and not to be used in an editor. The TL/DR explanation is that the way h.264 encodes, if you put your playhead on frame 50, Hitfilm probably has to look at frames 0-49 and 51-299 just to display frame 50,and if you cut frames 0-49 out of the timeline, Hitfilm STILL has to look at frames 0-49 and 51-299 to display that frame 50. This slows things down. A lot. 

    A good, not-too-techie explaination of the difference between editing and delivery codecs is here:


    Again, the solution is to use free software like VirtualDub or Mpeg Streamclip to convert your footage to DNxHD, or another good editing codec. Handbrake (mentioned above) only encodes to h.264.

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