Lost Creek Productions Thread [Enterprise Engines and Lights]



  • @Triem23 ; For the engines, there are 3 parts. the bussard cap, the rotor, and the light spheres beneath. 


    So I put the bussard caps and the rotors in their own individual group in Lightwave. E.G. Rotor-Port, Rotor-Starboard.  Same with the caps. I left the colored spheres in their own group.  After importing the whole model with all the groups selected as "pivot" groups, I then duplicated the model and made everything black except the colored spheres and the rotors.  To make the rotors turn, I moved the Anchor point for the port rotor to where it was directly in front of the colored spheres and then plugged those same values in the Position.  Same for the starboard. Then rotated each Z to make them move.

    On the original model instance I made the rotors and colored spheres transparent.

    The glow trick worked since the duplicate layer was still 2D (along with the original model layer) I could then add a glow effect on the colored balls with the rotor turning in front of it.  I set the blend mode to Screen and put the rotor layer above the original model layer.  The glow was then occluded by the bussard cap which was part of the original model layer (but made transparent in the rotor layer model instance).

    I had to play around with adding some blur to the rotor layer and also had to keyframe the blur to change over time.  Otherwise the glow would  appear and disappear as the model approached the camera.

  • Sweet. 

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