Object dissolve effect

Did create this small intro for a video


want to change the logo dissolve to something similar to this


Any tutorial showing how to do it using particle system? I think it's not possible doing using atomic particles since didn't support forces. Or using the Flow property can I add a direction?


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    @davide445 you can totally get that effect in Hitfilm with the particle simulator. I'm about to try a method right now that is a little more complex to set up, but, if it works, you'll only have to build it once, then change a "text holder" comp to change the text.

    The other method will also work, but it will involve a little more manual animation. I'll get back to you on this. If the first thing I'm about to try works, I'll just upload the project template for you.

    Edit: Aaaaaaand it works! It's pretty slow, but it works.



    https://www.dropbox.com/s/x3n125757u3wti3/Text Dissolve Template_HF3 Pro_Particle Sim.hfp?dl=0

    OK, so there's still some work for you to do to finish this off, but let's talk about what's been done so far.

    There are four Composite Shots: Text Holder, Wipe Mask, Particle Emitter Source and Final.

    Text Holder is just a text object. This build is procedural, so, if you change the text in Text Holder, this will automatically update for you.

    Wipe Mask is a black to white gradient. Right now it holds the screen at full white for three seconds, then wipes the screen to full black over five seconds. This comp shot is what's driving the opacity of the text in FINAL. If you want to change the timing of the dissolve, change the position keyframes for Black Point and White Point. These keyframes are in a LINEAR animation mode, and you should leave that alone because of...

    Particle Emitter Source is a copy of Text Holder with a mask added to the layer. This mask is animated to move in synch with the gradient wipe (There's an embedded copy of Wipe Mask in here for reference--if you change the timing of Wipe Mask you can turn it on here in Particle Emitter so you can align the mask and gradient.). Mask paths only move via a LINEAR keyframe motion--this is why Wipe Mask is LINEAR keys...

    Final Comp brings everything together: Text Holder has a Set Matte effect on it using Wipe Mask as the Matte Source. I used a Luma Matte set to subtract and inverted. Particle Emitter and Wipe Mask are hidden from view--we don't need to see them. Text Holder also has a Drop Shadow effect on it, because why not?

    The Particle Sim in Final has been set to an Emitter type of LAYER and is using the Particle Emitter embedded comp as it's source. There are two Forces, Rise and Turbulence. Rise is a global force pushing everything up. Turbulence is there for some organic motion. The Alpha property of the particles is animated in the Lifetime graph.

    To finish this off you'll probably want to change your particle color, and you might want to add some size and speed variation in the Movment Variation controls, but, for now, you're 90% of the way there.

  • @Triem23 thank you very much, as always you are a really helpful person!

    Will try using your template, substituting the HF text with my logo image. Also will play a bit on Flow property of atomic particles, curious to know how is working.

  • Just for the record, the exact same technique can be used for object and person disintegration....

    Here's a quick text I did tonight--this is the exact same technique used for the text dissolve, except with a vertical wipe and four different particle sims attached to the emitter.


    Incidentally, this same basic technique is what Andrew Kramer used for this tutorial--which is also where I grabbed my source footage.


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    Nice! Will be possible disintegrating into some other animated 3d models instead of "generic" particles, such as in my case flower petals? (you know, it's a ballet school logo ).

    Sorry to ask so many details: you think will be also possible to start the disintegration from the letters itself such as in the AE video, instead of just emitting particles nearby? 

  • Reminds me of the disintegration into the ubiquitous  black smoke that is always indicative of a demonic / negatively magical transformation.

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    @davide445 yes, the dissolve could be to 3D models as particles. Hitfilm does that. 

    If you look at the project I uploaded you'll see the layer composite shot that makes the emitter is actually made up from the shape of the letters. There just needs to be a little tightening of the timing between the gradient wipe and the emitter mask shots. If you take the project I uploaded, change particle speed to 0, turn particle scale to about 5, turn particle life up to, say, 7 seconds, turn particles per second up to something like 50,000,and turn the turbulence force to 0 you'll see that the particles/emitter perfectly conform to the shape of the text. 

    I built that thing in 10 minutes and didn't really refine it. 

    Disintegrating Sam Loya took about 90 minutes and also could be refined more, but that was just to show that the same basic technique could be adapted for other uses--and one of the disintegration systems was right up at 100,000 particles per second... That really was slowing down previews, so I just rendered it and called it good enough for a proof of concept. 

    @BobDiMarzio yeah, same basic technique could do that too! 

    The main thing about the technique is, once it's set up, it's procedural, so, change the text holder in the first example and the dissolve will follow the new shape of the text. For the second example, if I replaced Sam Loya with, say, a Skyscraper, I am a large part of the way to a sweet building demolition. Absorb the basic technique of matching a mask wipe to a particle emitter and there's a lot you can do. Heck, if I didn't wipe out Sam I could use his keyed shape as a layer emitter and do a bunch of gold sparks particles with no movement and I am most of the way to a Star Trek TOS Transporter effect! 

  • Already downloaded the project need to start playing with it.

    Also apologize for my continuous questions but considering the amount of time I did need to understand HF logic for me is better to be very specific in what I'm searching to accomplish: looking at AE/C4D created motion graphic I did find the graphic quality of the result is a bit different vs HF, with more and finer details and shapes, it's more realistic in the various smoke, fire, sparks etc. There are any trick to maximize HF visual results or it's just the difference coming from a hardware OpenGL rendering vs sw rendering?

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    @Triem23 Link no longer works! :( Do you still have this? I really want it, please. The text dissolve you listed at the top. Would be awesome :) Thanks.

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