Rendering glitch when importing mpg files.

Hello. I'm in charge of editing a Minecraft animation. The animation was exported in mpg, but when I try importing it in HitFilm, it seems like one third of the footage gets glitched, as if it was corrupted. This is what it looks like: 

And it doesn't seem to be a playback issue alone, since rendering the video also "corrupts" the video.

Is there a solution to fix this? I can't re-render the animation in another format, and I don't have any converting software that doesn't affect the quality or isn't a trial.

Thanks in advance.


  • Use MPEG Streamclip to convert it. Its free, its cross-platform, its excellent, and it will allow you to convert to a variety of formats that provide drastically better quality than MPEG. Quicktime codecs like Animation, ProRes, Intermediate, or Avid DNxHD are all good options.

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