HitFilm OFX Plugins Not Appearing in other applications


I have NewBlueFX Titler Pro, both HitFilm and NewBlue advertise that they are OFX plugin compatible, with NewBlue advertising they support HitFilm plugins and HitFilm advertising their plugins are supported in other OFX applications.

My HitFilm plugins are installed and activated, but they do not appear in Titler Pro 4 at all in the library.  Other installed OFX effects appear, including RedGiant Universe.

Are the HitFilm OFX plugins not compatible? (I would think at least a few would appear), or is there something wrong with my install?


  • NewBlueFx plug-ins show up in Hitfilm. Only current versions of NBFX show up. I don't think older versions allowed Hitfilm as a Host.

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    The version of NBFX just before the current runs in Hitfilm, except Titler Pro 3.

    Masterbeat, you are, I think, in error on one point. I believe NewBlue lists Hitfilm as a compatible host for NBFX, but does not list Titler Pro as a compatible host for Hitfilm Plug-ins. 

    I dunno--speaking as a non-scientific sample of 1, NewBlue products are very problematic for me. My Titler Pro stubbornly refused to see any Open Fx plug-ins besides the sample pack in TP, and that includes my NewBlue stuff. I have learned to save anytime I apply or edit a NewBlue effect as they crash a lot (across three computers and three OS's) and they seem to uninstall themselves every three months--I keep having to re-input my activation code. For me NewBlue Titler Pro is mostly worth it for the lazy factor of mix and match presets, and Color Fixer Pro is pretty sweet, but part of Hitfilm's appeal for me is not needing to use NewBlue. Especially since their prices keep going up. The complete pack of NewBlue Fx and transitions cost about $600 when I bought it, now it's about $1500!

  • @NormanPCN I'm pretty sure @Masterbeat means the HitFilm plugins aren't showing up in Titler Pro 4. I'm not on my machine with Titler Pro at the moment to check but I'm pretty sure at least some of the HitFilm plugins are usable in Titler Pro

  • HitFilm Plug-ins are currently compatible with Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Vegas Pro, and DaVinci Resolve.


  • @AxelWilkinson ;Edius Pro 8 says "OFX support for Boris Continuum Complete, HitFilm and Sapphire plug-ins" in the list of key features so should I take it that there's no official FXHOME support for using the plugins in Edius?

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    The HitFilm plug-ins are not officially supported in Edius at this time. But it would be kinda cool if they were, huh? Who knows what the future holds...

  • If they went so far as to list compatibility with the HitFilm plugins as a "key feature" already I think the future is pretty easy to predict on this one :)

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