How can I export a specifc length of time?

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Hey I'm a new editor and I just completed my video which is 4:56 in length, but when I'm exporting it says that my video is 7 minutes. How do I cut it at my end point so I don't have the unnecessary extra 2 minutes of blank video? Or well it change itself when I export? Also in the future will the seven minutes be a time cap since I'm using express and it's a demo version?


  • HitFilm 3 Express is not a demo version, and you can export projects of any length (up to 3 hours, I think). Whether the black at the end of your video is included will depend on the Export settings you select. If you set the software to export Entire Timeline, then it will export the black too. If you set it to export Content Area, then the black will be removed. If you set it to export Work Area, then only the portion of the timeline between your In point and Out point will export. These options are always available at the top of the Export screen.

  • Okay, fixed it, Thank you for your help, but now I'm getting a message when I try to export that says I'm in demo mode and only 30 seconds of my video will be exported.

  • Assuming you aren't using the demo, then you just need to use your serial code to activate the software. You serial code is permanently stored in your account, along with the installer, so you can access them any time you need to:

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