Bump & Normal Maps Creation & 3D Models

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I haven't had a lot of time to experiment with this program but it looks promising. I'm sure someone will find this useful too.


Found this list that has a number of useful sites.





  • Shader Map is another good app for creating different maps, but its windows only. 

  • @TommyCampbell Hi, I checked out the Shadermap site, pretty impressive for the cost. It says you can bring in 3D models, but not seing what type. Guess my question is how compatible have you found it in a) mapping other software's models and b) using the results in Hitfilm?


  • StormyKnightTommyCampbellAndy001z

    you will get to visualise what it will look like to some degree while you make real time adjustments.  

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    TommyCampbell - I was going to ask the same thing Andy001z asked but he beat me to it. Have you had experience with Shader Map?            

    NXVisualStudio - Cool! I will give that a try this weekend. Thanks for the link. :^) 

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    @TommyCampbell - Thanks for the tip on ShaderMap. I think that's the way I'm going to go seeing as how much more it can do than other programs I demoed. <is that a word? Anyway, I got a little extra cash and I think this would be the best investment for the money. 3 seats with one license helped sway me (can put it on both my computers) and the price isn't too bad. Same as CrazyBump but CrazyBump isn't quite as versatile and I couldn't find their supposed forum. MrNormal looked pretty good too for $30 but not quite as nice as ShaderMap- plus they never replied to my email question. That automatically loses points for them. Also, ShaderMap appears to be the only one that's kept current and says in the info that it will work with W10. 

    So a big THANKS goes to you, Tommy!!!!!

    @NXVisualStudio - Thanks for the suggestion. I did try the program, however, I do a lot of stuff on my laptop while I'm at work and I'm not allowed to access the internet from my personal computer. Also, I can't use the work computer for personal projects so I need an onboard program to access anytime, anywhere.

    @Andy001z - I checked out a video on the ShaderMap site about the 3D model aspect. It didn't really note what formats of models so I'm guessing the most popular i.e. 3ds, obj. Plus, in the video the guy used a low polygon version of a model to create maps which may be a drawback 'cause I believe most models people make or that are sold on websites don't come with simplified versions. Here's the vid if you want to check it out. Maybe I missed something. (?)


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    I've got the substance suite, it's excellent and they have a cool programme where you can pay monthly for the software but end up owning the full licence for designer, painter and B2M which is the specific texture generator.  They have fully functioning trials.


    Designer is a bit over the top for what I do but B2M and Painter are awesome I just used them to texture this BB-8 Model and environment I made, the maps are standard and will work in hitfilm, you can do spec, roughness, normals etc. and export from painter.  You can now bake everything in painter as well if you do have low and high poly versions etc.





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    @mark_e -

    Your BB-8 looks really, really great

    and the program you used appears first rate.

    The only problem I can foresee

    Is a lack of funds on the part of me.  :^(

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