Motion Tracking (Windows 10)

This discussion was created from comments split from: HitFilm 3 Pro causing Vegas to freeze up.


  • Track motion does not play back in Hitfilm 3 pro on Windows 10

    I reinstalled it twice thinking that I may have had a glitch  but still

    it does not want to playback.

  • Do you think that they might have a fix for window 10 bugs?

  • AdyAdy Staff
    edited October 2015

    IrvingPayne - Sorry you're having trouble with Tracking. It's highly unlikely Windows 10 is the issue here, although we are still testing the OS for compatibility with all of our latest products.

    What type of footage are you trying to Track? i.e. .MP4, .MTS.. etc

    If you use a different format do you get the same issues? 

    JEROMEMCFADDEN - Windows 10 at this current moment in time is still being tested with our latest products as stated above. We have yet to see an issue that is specific to the OS but whilst testing is on going this may of course change. What specific bugs are you referring to?


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