What do you want to see in my next color grade pack?

Hey guys what styles or color grades would you like to see in my new color grade preset pack I am making.

Here is my last pack if you haven't seen it yet.




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    Hrrrrrmmmmm . . . you could try a pack that mimics the style of famous films- that could be somewhat interesting. 

    Then again, that idea might not be too useful- but it would still be cool . . . 

    Also, utilizing color gradients is a great way to create more complex grades- I'd recommend giving it a try.

  • I'd like to see something that does a complete project while I sleep :) While you're at it make sure it can make coffee in the mornings too.

  • One thing I have noticed is that almost every movie seems to have the same color grade... Teal and orange...

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Yeah, hence why Hitfilm has a sexy teal/orange grade in CineStyle. 

    Look, Hollywood, just cuz teal and orange are complimentary colors and all human skin tones cluster around orange doesn't mean you can't pick a more interesting grade.. 

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