Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

I managed to get 2 timelapses of the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse.

Sadly it had already lost some of its color and everynow and again the video has a bump in it. But i'm glad I got it. Only got to wait until 2033 for the next one :P


  • @FilmTech ; Very cool!   

    And hey, it looks like you have some nice stock footage for Halloween.   The passing clouds give the moon an ominous feel.

    How did you have your shooting rig set up?   Was it a telephoto lens or eyepiece projection at a telescope?

  • My camera has a very very good zoom on it so I didn't need a telephoto :) I just zoomed in as far as possible :D

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    That is very nice indeed. We had cloud cover but I don't think I would have been able to see it from Wisconsin anyway. Thanks for posting!

    Were you up passed 3:39am to get this and post it?  :^o!

  • Sadly it wasn't quite as reddish as I had hoped I got the footage at about 9:30pm but most of its color had been lost by then. Still a great experience and at least I got some footage of it :)

  • Nice footage!

    To be a bit cynical, there will be plenty of lunar eclipses between now and 2033. A Supermoon is just the moon at perihelion (perigaialon? periterrion? either way, the closest point of orbit) which isn't a significant distance, and is a relative change of size in the sky that's, well, not visible. Point being, you'll have other opportunities to shoot eclipse footage, and a "supermoon" ain't no thang! ;-)

  • @Triem23 I think that what @FilmTech is referring to is that a supermoon and a blood moon occuring at the same time. I also read that the next time that will occur will be in 2033.

  • Yeah the chances of the two happening together are very low and it is only supposed to occur again in 2033 sadly I was only able to capture the after effect of it all. The size and color. I wasn't able to get the eclipse.

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