where is the checkbox to see videos that aren't featured on the moviewall?

the title says it all really. I don't seem to be able to find the checkbox that allows selecting of featured or none featured videos on the movie wall. I've tried chrome and firefox on my android tablet and chrome on my windows PC and it isn't there. Are we only having featured videos now?


  • In short, yes. You missed the discussion a couple of weeks ago, for, for the moment the FxHome gang is experimenting with a "Featured Only" movie wall. 

    Too much spam, and too many people uploading 10 versions of the same shot, I guess. 

  • that's rather disappointing for those of us that don't have hours to spend on videos.  Pretty disheartening to be honest. I see their point but that's just the price you pay for having a supportive community.  Especially when it defaulted to on anyway. It's not just the none featured guys that upload several versions of the same shot after all is it. It seems to go against what hitfilm.com is supposed to be about and just heading to elitism instead. Sad really. I personally find it much more inspiring to see what others starting out are doing instead of more videos from the select few. What's next, not being able to post on the forum if you don't meet a certain criteria or perceived level of competence? Oh well


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    DreamArchitect - You can always do what most of us have done and start your own "DreamArchitect's VFX" thread......or whatever you'd like to name it. Then upload your videos to youtube and post them on your thread. You can get direct feedback if you want or just tell everyone to shut up. lol ;^) So I encourage all who read this to start your own threads and we all can get to know each other better that way too.....if you're so inclined.

    Yeah, it sucks that the movie wall isn't the same but hopefully, maybe, they will reinstate it if they can come up with a solution to block the spammers.

  • To link to the other relevant thread, since there is staff commentary there. 


  • Personally I've never really found the movie wall that useful. And when I did I tended to look at the Hitfilm staff selected ones anyway. What I do is look at new posting on this forum and check them out. That way I can give feedback to the user and community rather than via YouTube comments. I too am in a position where time for VFX is limited but I tend to post when I have something worth sharing and hopefully then the Hitfilm team will reconise that and feature it.

  • The movie wall has never had feedback and commenting built-in, so was never the right place to post stuff if constructive criticism is what you were looking for. It's far better to post work on the forum and ask for advice - there's absolutely no quality bar or other criteria in that regard.

    The unfeatured movie wall wasn't something people actively browsed, so even if it was nice to see your own movie there it's unlikely that many other people would have discovered it that way, primarily because of all the spam/repeat stuff that Triem mentioned.

    Embracing the YouTube and Vimeo networks is always going to be the best way to get your work out there and find an audience. For specific constructive feedback that's what this forum is for.

  • I'm glad it's featured only, I stopped looking at the unfeatured wall as there was loads of rubbish to scroll through. Although I do miss being able to comment.

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