Why I (and you) Use HitFilm



  • @Aidin agreed with most of what you said, but if I may add my personal knowledge which comes with age more than being clever. You said you pretty much had to get expensive software to do editing, but there has been half way house solutions for some time, and I found them rich in features and effects. I started like you said back with windows movie maker on Win XP. Then thanks to a PCformat Cover CD I started to use Edit Studio II which was free. It had multiple tracks and some effects and I stuck with it for a good while until I found Serif MoviePlus which was a step up again, unfortunately Serif have chosen to discontinue this software, which personally I think is a real shame. I still use my Ver 6 of this software the last version for editing larger projects just because of the speed and workflow it has. I even mentioned it to Josh because it was such a good editor that was low cost and might give some ideas on features. I picked up my last copy for £29.99.

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