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    This week I made a little speedpainting-style video showing how to immitate planar tracking found in Mocha using only the single-point tracking and quad warp effects offered in HitFilm Express. If you're an express user you can use this to create scree replacement style effects.


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    The effect itself is BRILLIANT and the tracking is spot on! We get a lot of feedback on our official HitFilm channel from users indicating that even our normal speed tutorial walkthroughs can be too fast for people to follow though - so I wonder whether you'd get more interaction from people if you slowed things down a bit. I must admit, I couldn't follow the super speedy movements through the interface :)

    However, I am super impressed by the effect itself. What a great idea!

  • @Aidin I like it, a really easy way to create a creative title.

  • This week's video shows how to create an animation rig using HitFilm Express. The technique uses anchor points and parents layers to other layers in order to connect parts of a character/object at realistic joints, and uses keyframes and HitFilm's value graph to animate them smoothly and realistically. This is a topic I've wanted to make a video about for some time, but lack of time and procrastination prevented it from happening. During a winter break from school, there was no excuse for animation procrastination, and now I've checked this off my list

    • inception gravity
    • animation rig
    • phantom drone vs tiny toy drone
    • ...


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    @Aidin   Great tutorial, Aiden as are all of your works. I am amazed and shamed by your grasp of video production at your age compared to mine at a much further end of the age spectrum. In past videos you really have the art of grading down so well; as well as this. I knew it was possible to import images into Hitfilm but it never once occurred to me that you "build up" an animated character this way. That's just brilliant!

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    Y'know Aiden, your tutorials just keep getting better. I liked the presentation on this one, especially the text objects that popped up when you'd list things off on your fingers. That's a fun little gimmick and you should keep it.

    Just to share, for funsies, I'm gonna toss up a couple of my videos here that were built using similar techniques.

    This first one was a commission for one of the local TV stations. The brief was basically the "Nature's Song" title, and I had to use bees, and it was supposed to look kind of "South Park." Also to fly into or out of flowers for the transitions. This video is the opening title, scene transistion elements and two background plate options for the end credits.I actually drew all the elements inside Hitfilm 2 Ultimate itself with masks on planes. I always liked the field, but was always a bit sad that GPU restrictions meant I had to cut the amount of grass I wanted by over half---one blade was drawn and animated to sway, and, of course duplicated with the particle sim to make an entire field. I animated 3 bees--moving toward camera, moving away from camera, moving parallel to camera and used the particle sim to make a whole bunch of the little guys. The actual title is, of course, Atomic Particles.

    The bee's wing's are actually animated in 3D and are doing a full up and down standing out from the body, but it's so fast and has enough motion blur that it's not that apparent.


    This second one was a test where I wanted to see if I could make a "full 3D" version of my bees. Since those little guys were so simple I tried wrapping the body texture plane with a sphere effect. The eyes, mouth, antennae and wings all have some 3D extrusion on them for some psuedo depth. Then, when animating this I seem to have decided to never let the camera get close enough to the bee's face to see that detail work. Guess I was stupid that day!

    With the enhancements to 3D Unrolled in more recent versions of Hitfilm I'm now tempted to go back and revisit this project. There were some tricks I had to play in HF2U that probably could be left out now.


    The last one was for Film Riot's 5th anniversary where they asked users to send in five second video clips. I was kind of sad this didn't make the episode. :(


  • @Triem23 those are really cool- and that totally should have been included in the Film Riot video xD

  • Last December I filmed this video at the beach! It's one of my favorites so far, and there's a before and after video to go along with it:



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    Hi! When the music video for "Heavydirtysoul" by twenty one pilots was released, I was intrigued by the use of repetition. For this video, HitFilm was used not only to edit the video, but as a tool to cut apart the music video and analyze its structure. Even though it hasn't been doing well analytically, this video is one that I like a lot and I hope you enjoy it almost as much as I enjoyed making it!

    Click this thing to watch the thing

  • @Aidin Having this follow A Perfect Video leaves me powerless to prevent the next sentence. Use a better song! ;)


  • *raises eyebrow* Fascinating.

  •  @JMcAllister thanks!

    @Aladdin4d touché  xD

  • This music video is brilliant, you have a freakin' talent at storytelling. Bravo and respect :)


  • This week I made a video about techniques in film that have become more popular during the last couple of decades. I learned a lot making this video, and I hope you do as well!


  • Interesting video.

    I would add that as with all art forms, there's an element of experimentation; of people doing stuff deliberately because it's not what people usually do, and then other people going "hey, that looks cool, let's copy that" and before you know it everyone's doing it. And then it's considered "normal" and then "boring" and everyone moves on again...

    ...And then after a while the whole "doing what other people don't do" thing leads you back to where you started, and people end up doing things the same way they always used to, but for different reasons.


    On another note, a couple of days after watching your last video (the one where you talked about the music video) I got the song stuck in my head. So I bought it and have played it quite a lot since then So I guess thanks for accidentally helping me discover new music

  • Excellent video as usual, always an interesting and informative watch. I'm not a big fan of your new flat colour in the 'to camera' sections. Personally I prefer it well exposed, lit and with more contrast.  But, that's just me. ;)

    I know styles evolve, but I was also not a fan of Josh'n'Kirstie's look of about 6 months ago where it looked like they were lit by a single candle during a power cut. :D

    I'd argue that the 'to camera' bits looking 'normal' makes all the other stuff that you're demonstrating stand out more.

  • Why do you use HitFilm? Let me know with a comment, DM, or video! (or just watch this for more information).


  • When do you need the footage by?

  • @TriFlixFilms Hmmmm let me think xD . . . any time this week :)

  • Why do I use Hitfilm?

    Answer: Because it's the best free video editor I can find.  If not HitFilm, what freeware should I use that is better?

  • Wrote up a script, I'll have it done by Thursday :)

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  • All my green screen footage was out of focus... reshooting. Sorry for the delay.

  • Why do I use Hitfilm?  Because it does what I need it to do, and the pricing options are better than that of similar software (suck it, Adobe).

    HF is one of the two most expensive software packages I own and I've already paid for an upgrade.  No other company has gotten that much of my money so readily.

  • @Aidin I use Hitfilm because it allowed a non-VFX trained individual to pick it up and get some great results really quickly.  Also one of the major draws is this great community which has helped a lot. So to some up in three words

    1. Cost

    2. Easy of use

    3 Community

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    Hope I'm not too late. I had a busy week and forgot about this. 

    I use Hitfilm because in most ways it's almost as powerful as its most obvious competition, and, in many ways much MORE powerful. 

    I use Hitfilm because it's much less expensive than its most obvious competitor--and its something I OWN, not RENT, AND because FXHOME won't shut off my legally purchased software one day, just because it's three years old! (Adobe has forever lost me as a customer after 25 years. That was an act of pure evil). 

    I use Hitfilm because the forum and community are the nicest, most helpful folks around. The feedback I get from users and staff makes be better with the software. 

    I use Hitfilm because it's fun! 

    And Hitfilm has the power and versatility do do anything I ask from it, whether a personal project or preparing CGI for broadcast. 

  • It's been a while, but this edit is finally finished! Why I (as well as many of you) use HitFilm! I also talked a bit about how HitFilm has helped me, and this video has a couple of special guests!


  • Look forward to the next collaboration together :)

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