Keyframing Mask path is slower than expected

When i set a new keypoint at mask/path to change the points of mask, hitfilm was waiting for more than 30 seconds, befor the keypoint was set on press the toggle keyframe button. 

or is this normal?


  • Are you using HF3 Pro or Express? To determine a correct answer could you provide the specs of your computer- CPU, GPU, RAM, Windows or Mac?

    My initial reply is yes and no. My laptop gets taxed easily so sometimes the simplest of changes in HitFilm will take forever. I have an i5, NVIDIA 555M, 6 GB RAM and W7 in that computer. On the desktop I just built, I loaded it up with an i7, NVIDIA 970 and 16GB RAM using W10. It takes a lot to bog the system down. So for an accurate answer we'll need a little more info.

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    oh sorry..

    Win7 i920, gtx970, 16gb ram, 1gb ssd-evo840, hitfilm3pro. 

    more than 9 mask-path-points make this effect.

    but im not sure, but before last ht3pro patch, they was faster with keyframe maskpoints..

  • This might be a little out of my area of expertise, my first instinct is to ask if your GPU drivers are up to date. The second would be- did you mean 1 TB ssd?  The third question- do you mean the #7 update for HF3P when you say 'patch'? If your drivers are up to date you may want to submit a support ticket unless someone on the forums has an answer.

    You can submit a ticket from the following link- just check the Technical Support and click next:

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