Last Call for Screenwriters

There’s less than two weeks left to submit your screenplay into our competition!

We want to help kick start the careers of talented upcoming screenwriters, and with over 100 Production Companies on board to read the winning script, we believe that Shore Scripts is the perfect platform for writers to get noticed.

As well as the 21 Oscar & BAFTA winning industry Judges who are also ready to read the winning screenplays, we’re also giving away £9000+ in cash and prizes to our Feature & Short Winners. 


Here’s a glimpse at what’s up for grabs:

 Feature First Prize

 Short First Prize


Please check for further details on how to enter.


Thanks a lot,

The Shore Scripts Team



  • edited August 2015

    ShoreScripts - This sounds like a great opportunity for writers. Thanks for the announcement! If I had time to convert my script from a play to a screenplay I'd consider entering. Is this an annual thing?

  • @stormyknight - sorry not to have replied before, we've been changing things up at Shore Scripts.  Yes the competitions are annual and this year sees the launch of a new TV Pilot contest and a new Short Film Financing Fund - check it out at

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