Tips and tricks needed for using a luminance key to key sky

Hi guys, 

I knowthis question isn't very specific but here goes. I'm looking for advice on how to key out sky behind some mature trees. So far I've used a luminance key but it always seems to either leave me with an annoying glow around branches or keys out some some bright areas on the tee trunk. This shows up when I drop a 3d element behind the keyed image. I have a duplicate of the original image behind the 3d elements to put the sky back in where it is needed. The trees are middle distance.

Thanks guys



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    You might want to try duplicating your footage, then using curves or levels or brightness contrast to brighten your sky and darken your trees. Luma matte that. Convert to embedded composite shot and use this as the source for a Sette Matte (Alpha) on your original footage. 

    Trees on sky are tough to matte

  •  Hmmm that sounds like a good idea @Triem23. I did see a tutorial that used threshold effect to create a black and white image but the result still seemed to have the same issue. 

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