A new breakthrough in motion capture tech.


I will just leave it here. 


  • Heh. "We did a new thing! It looks amazing!" But we won't show you any examples at all.

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    Here ya go, AxelWilkinson. That is a little weird they didn't show examples. I found one article that was entitled: "Researchers create creepy, hyperrealistic CGI skin". I found the video below linked in the article which I also linked below.



    Hyperrealistic is two words actually. Sorry. Pet peeve.

  • Thanks StormyKnight. I was too lazy to look past the article itself. I mean busy. I was too busy. Now I'm curious how render times are affected when you are working at that level of detail.

    And I'm wondering how much time Andy Serkis will be spending with that rig on his face in the next few years.

  • AxelWilkinson- You're welcome. I understand being too laz...uh.....busy. I'm at work and have a lot of down time to investigate for my HitFilm compadres and I was waiting for a composite shot to export soooooo.......

    "... how much time Andy Serkis will be spending with that rig ..." Might be determined by the $$$ and/or the notoriety he gets out of doing it. I wouldn't do it for anything less than Time's Man of the Year and $14.

  • Considering Serkis is already the go-to guy for motion capture, I suspect he will stay busy. Any production that requires extensive top-quality mocap seems to use him, so, if anyone can get $14 out of it, its probably Serkis.

  • LOL- Touche.

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