My first finished work

Finally after agonizing working hours and with much forum help here the first version of my first finished work, will be glad for any comment.



    Wow you really went to town with the VFX effects on this, mind you with so many to play with why not.

    Ok I will try and be as constructive as I can, my comments are not professional by personal opinon.

    Firstly the smoke effect, is a bit to disracting and as nice as it is I would drop the opacity on it to make it feel more part of the scene. Maybe have it drift both in front and behind your card?

    2nd the flames on the card, these just don’t work for me, they look stuck on and out of place. I do like the sparkly effect @ 0:02 which works with the theme.

    The light glow moving from top left to bottom right is ok, but I feel it just stops, give it some life maybe and have it pluse at the end then stop?

    I like the partical swipe fade effect, think that is a solid job. but once again that cloud is lingering.

    I love your little light across the text (please tell me how you did it, oh please!!), but I would make it a tad faster, ok I lie, twice as fast. And why does the School word not get the same effect?

    One idea I had, was why not have the partical explosion effect explode the grey card but leave the text behind. I guess you will have to make a copy of that text to have not effected by the explosion?

    Anyway that’s my views, overall good job.

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    Thanks for your suggestions! yes the fair of VFX! As beginner I'm not able to do all what I think so will be driven from the tool also.

    Me also didn't like the fires, want to substitute with small suns but can't find a way to create animated little suns.

    The little light come from this tutorial. Testing how to do on the lower text.

    Will make a try about exploding the card with other explosions.

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    Final release, not 100% satisfied for the color transitions during the scenes but can't do better right now.

  • I thing that strikes me as odd about the smoke is that it is static. There is no movement in the smoke itself. Also, maybe if the smoke faded out as though the smoke was dissipating.

    If you like the flames, I would try them where you put the flares in the second version. In the first they were at the top of the points on the column. If they covered the "hat" of the column and you masked the flat bottom edge of the flames to the dimension of the column, then the columns might seem like tiki torches which could help sell the idea of the flames being more a part of the scene. Also, make the flames appropriately smaller (skinny) to the top dimension of the column. Going smaller, maybe ditch the bonfire and use a small fire effect instead.

  • Didn't like the fires, so will maintain the flares...

    Good idea about smoke movement, will give a try.

    I'm also unsatisfied with the transition to dissolving logo, is visible a change in illumination, and the final logo appearance, too dark.

  • What are you using for the smoke? I notice that the Fluffy cloud preset does have movement and you can thin that out to make it like smoke and tweak the movement within the generation and get it to fade/dissipate among other things.

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    Yes I did use Fluffy cloud preset, but didn't find other parameters than the standard particle simulation.

    I'm more concerned with the illumination and color glitch:

    - at sec 5 is visible the transition to the dissolving logo (a separate composite) and can't find a way to make it uniform with previous colors and illumination

    - at sec 10 is visible the transition from the logo and the comp with the dancing light, also can't find a way to uniform it, the first is too dark

  • Wow it's an improvement, boy do you like that cloud effect. I agree with NormanPCN about the lack of movement, does look a bit stuck on.

    The flares are better, but maybe fade them out when the transition to text logo happens, jars the transition for me having them still there even after the rest of it has been exploded apart.

  • How do you suggest to move the clouds?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Create a point, parent clouds to point. Move point. Or, use the transform controls on the cloud layer. Any layer in Hitfilm can be moved that way. 

    • How do you suggest to move the clouds?

    Are you talking about the movement within the cloud itself. If you put Fluffy cloud on a separate comp and watch the cloud you see that the interior movement of the particles in the cloud are very slow and over a long time.

    Your fully cloud is on screen for a short duration by comparison so that is probably why it seems motionless. If you want to have some visible internal cloud movement you will have to speed the existing preset up. Either by adjusting the particle sim settings (movement, move variation) or time compressing the full cloud duration. Actually you might want to use the end of the full cloud sequence since the cloud dissipates organically at the end.

    Personally I would try having the cloud be stationary in the scene and increase the particle movement and movement variation and adjust the particle lifetime to have the cloud would poof and quickly dissipate.

    For a cloud moving across like wind is pushing it, then maybe add a direction force from the side to push/blow the particles off screen. When the cloud moves as static blob it does not seem as believable.

    I just tried a couple of this things while typing and they might be good ideas to try on your cloud and see how the result as a whole looks.

  • A fancy idea might be to simulate stage fog. Emit particles at the top of the sign, towards the camera, with a direction force pushing to the bottom of the screen and have a deflector at the bottom sized like your reflection and in the same plane. The particles would hit the deflector and then move to the side and roll off the reflection like fog does rolling off a stage.The fog could emit for the duration and maybe start thicker and thin quickly enough to read the sign.

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    New release for a new intro with this changes

    - particles with 3d shape

    - clouds from particles

    - deflectors to make both hit the logo and dissolve it

    - dissolve with more dispersion

    - fading lights at the end

    - shorter

    Any comment is welcomed

  • That is good. :)

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    Will be nice to receive feedback about the complete work with previous intro + the short about the event the school participated

    Original videos come from a consumer camcorder with not so good 1440x1080 resolution and was heavily color corrected to compensate the average low luminosity of the location (Saint Petersburg).

    HF is used for the intro, clip final trimming, effects, color grading, color correction, denoise, deinterlace.

  • You should cut out the added music at 0:30 and stick with the original, live audio only.  At 1:18 -- the travel shots -- go back to the added music, but get rid of the original audio anywhere it has music.  A little ambient audio is fine (I actually like the camera click at 1:45), but never have competing music in the mix. 

    Using the original audio for the final closing shot is nice.  That would be a nice closer if you could make that shot a little bit longer, then fade out. Even if that shot has applause at the end (it's probably the end of a performance?) -- it would be a nice wrap up.

    (By the way, I have no professional experience whatsoever, so take that into account...)


  • @davide445 - Nicely done. I like the effects you threw in.....classy without being overstated. I do have to agree with @TimLan635 about the music though. Stick with one piece of music or fade out the main music while the music for the performance is heard. Two tracks going at once muddles the overall sound. Best to concentrate on one or the other but not both at the same time.

    Saint Petersburg looks like a beautiful area. So was that a church or museum where the kids were going? I guess a lot of boys aren't interested in the ballet all that much, huh? Rather be outside playing Star Wars. ;^)

  •  @TimLan635 @StormyKnight thanks for your suggestions.

    Me too was wondering about the music, will follow your suggestion.

    In fact I didn't participate to the event, just pushed to receive the visuals (providing the camera and suggestions) with the goal creating this short clip.

    The kid visited both Ermitage Museum and Vaganova Academy, in fact they was much more interested about the event, their parents was much more excited about the city and visits ;)

  • Gonna agree with Stormy and Tim on the music. The current version of the logo is sweet. You're definitely getting comfortable with Atomic and the Particle sim. 

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    Nice few second intro.

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    Following your suggestions I did used just one theme music, the above video It's already the new version having substituted the file, thanks for your comments and suggestions! 

    Next work want to sort out how to create these smoke filaments (see other thread :)

  • @davide445 - Much better sound wise. The overall vid still flows nicely and I would say even a little better without the extra noise to have to try to filter out. Bravo!

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