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To overcome the fact HF didn't recognize my logo font (AR DECODE) I try to use C4D to create the 3d text using that font (recognized from C4D), export it and import into HFP.

Both using .3ds or .obj format the imported 3d model is flat, no available 3d part. Tried to use both MoText and standard Extrusion in C4D.

If anyone does have no clue why, can anyone suggest a font editor where I can check and (possibly) automatically repair this font if there are any wrong thing in it? Maybe in this way HF can recognize it.


  • Maybe make sure your version of AR DECODE is a TrueType font. Mine is and it works in HitFilm. 

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    When the imported model is already flat, than the reason for this has to be on the C4D side. You could validate that by re-importing your exported .3ds file into C4D and see if it is flat there too.

    I don't know how Extrusion and MoText work in Cinema4D, but in Blender you normally use modifiers for extrusion. The thing with modifiers is, you have to apply them to the actual object geometry before you can export the model properly to a 3D Object file. Or, well, I think blender handles that automatically by now, but I tend to avoid that, as it could lead to... Things. I dunno. So, maybe check if you have to apply, or "bake in" the extrusion first, before you can actually export the text with the extrusion.

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