Wrong camera view

Created a logo with reflection on water pond. The logo does have two Mystical fire on the corners. All of them are 3d plane.

Problem is even if in Perspective view the fire is in front of the logo, the camera view display only the fire section outside the logo perimeter. Here a screenshot as example.

The problem is solved setting the fire as 3d unrolled, but in that way I loose the reflection in the water pond (done using caustics).


  • Tried and tried to find a solution and nothing worked, I'm starting to feel really frustrated to use a lot of time to deal with so many details, but maybe this is the price to pay to enter in the beautiful 3d word :).

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    When your fire is a 3D plane, what is it's blend mode? Also, is the fire above or below the bg in the layer stack? 

  • Was Normal now set to Screen, also put the fire above the image layer.

    Now facing the problem to produce the rippled reflection, using caustics on a separate plane it's not possible to reflect more than one object (either duplicating the plane or the caustic effect on the same plane) , duplicating the whole composite produce unwanted visible effects. 

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