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Hello fellow Hitfilmers,

I've been searching high and low for a 3d model of the STAR TREK emblem, the one used ( it slowly  rotated in 3d behind the star trek logo) in the opening scene of the reboot 2009 star trek movie.  I know it exists because someone else re- created the opener from star trek.. I can't find one even for sale,  and one that works in hitfilm.

I found a 2d picture and tried to convert it to a 3d model but no luck.. anyone have any ideas? To reference what I'm talking about, Google the 2009 opening scene of S.T, if you are not sure.

Thanks in advance!



  • If you are working on a Mac with Motion 5 or FCPX, you can convert the 2D image into a .svg image and then convert it into a font, this font can then be changed to 3D. Or recreate it with a unicode font in Motion 5. Not easy, but should be possible. If you are on a Window System I have no news for you. 

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    If you check my tutorial you can see two examples for this. One is a big wheel and the other one is the Batman sign. Both are fonts converted into 3D. But it is in German....


  • I am on a windows pc...  keep the thoughts coming and thanks

  • Can you post the image of the emblem? I maybe got another idea, but I have to see the emblem first. 

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    This is really for printing but the source files include dxf and svg versions along with the stl version for printing. If nothing else you could import the svg files into Blender, extrude and touch up as needed.

    Star Trek Reboot Badges

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    Okay, if you can use the .svg file and bring it into www.glyphter.com make it a font, then use it in HF with the 3D extrusion. I have not tried it, but maybe thats a chance.

  • Thanks guys.. unfortunately, that didn't work out.  I appreciate you chiming in.

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