.MOV Files not working

I just started out on hitfilm 3 express and made Portal Combat with success. When I tried to make my own video however a very annoying problem started. It states: "File Not Supported" with my .MOV files 1920x1080. I filmed it with a nikon D5300. I also just updated my quicktime so that problem is already out of the question. Thanks!  


  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

    There's been a few people having problems with Nikon footage in the last week or so but updating QuickTime seemed to work for them so I'm not sure why it didn't for you.

    In any case your camera records in a format that isn't very edit friendly so I would install the Avid DNx codecs and convert your clips to DNxHD using MPEG Streamclip  or ClipToolz Convert

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I also note an Update dropped today, and I think a lot of it was bug fixes for people having QT issues. 

  • Hi @SashaTylzanowski, could you try uninstalling QuickTime completely then installing it again leaving the options to the default please?

  • You might need to buy and download the Premium Formats Pack. Personally I have it but my camera does not record to .MOV like yours, but I think you might want to give it a go. Anyway if this does not work you can get a refund on the pack.

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