Hitfilm 3 Pro intermittent error on clip delete

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Hi all!

I opened also a support ticked, don't know if this is overkill. Anyway, maybe someone knows a fix.

I'm trying to edit a timeline with many GoPro Cineform 4K hi quality clips, and after adding 15-20 clips to the timeline, roll deleting or simple deleting doesn't appear to work anymore. HF simply crashes when i try to delete the clip. When the timeline contained few clips it worked, anyway.

My system is a HP ZBook 15, Intel i7, 32GB ram, Quadro K2100M.

Any hint? Thanks! Umberto


  • Thanks for reporting it! Misty will be getting back to you really soon. She might need to take a look at your project or media files, but keep an eye on your ticket for more info.

  • Thanks Simon,

    Thing getting weird. After a night of continuous crashes, now i can work nearly ok. Still some cresh but i can do what i want if i reiterate.

    Don't know what changed on my system.

    Anyway i wrote this to Misty.

    Thank! Umberto

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