Hitfilm 3 Pro choppy playback?

I use Hitfilm 3 Pro for editing my videos I record with FRAPS and it has worked flawlessly for about 6 months now. However just recently specific parts of a video I recorded will playback choppy. It's always just a 15 second part of a long clip but whatever I do it still plays back incredibly choppy and i can do remotely nothing about it. This has never happened before and I was hoping I could find a solution here. Could it be that the file size of the video is a gigantic 94 GB 30 minute video? I haven't had problems with videos of that size before so I'm not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • Also here are my PC specs:


    GTX 770 2GB

    16 GB RAM

  • Are they playing back choppily (I guess that would be the word :P) inside of HitFilm, or once they're  exported? It's normal to have choppy playback in the editor, but if it's choppy after being exported then something's not right.

  • I believe FRAPS uses a proprietary codec and has variable framerate during capture. Makes sense given what it's for, but the resulting videos don't always play nice with video editors as they're quite different to what you'd expect to get off a camera.

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