Voodoo Motion Tracker?

Do any of you guys kno how to use Voodoo (P.S. its a motion tracking program)? I just downloaded it and I'm as clueless as a drunk bee (which are super scary btw). To shorten these sentences... I NEED HELP (with Voodoo of course :P)!!!


  • Does it link onto hit film then??
  • Idk Froi... It works for blender :dry: I still have yet to figure out how to use it :huh: .
  • Have you tried youtubeing it?
  • I'm having moderate success with Voodoo. The main issue I had was that Voodoo always exports its data at 24 fps. You need to edit the exported Maya (.ma) file to change the units of measurement to what you need. It was discussed in these forums:
    Basically, you go to the Voodoo File menu and open an image sequence (not an animation). You can tweek your camera settings if you know your focal length. Once you're ready, you click on 'Track.' Voodoo will now automatically track the scene. Once it is done, you tell Voodoo to save as a Maya Script.
    That's where you use a text editor to go into the maya script and change the fps to what actually matches your footage, and then save the file.
    Finally, open Hitfilm, create a project that has the correct frame rate and size as your tracked video. Click on the arrow next to Import and select '3D Camera Tracking Data.' Find your .ma file and HitFilm will process it. You will end up with a new composite shot with several trackers on the timeline. Use them like you would a Point you added yourself to guide objects and effect.
  • What if it keeps giving the "WARNING, blah-blah-blah" kinda stuff? What do I do then?
    I'm at a loss... :huh:
  • I haven't ever gotten a warning from it. Exactly what did the warning say?

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