Audio is not in sync with Media

Greetings!  I am currently working on a short film and suddenly while I was editing my work, the audio in one of the shots was not in sync - it was going faster than the actual media.  This took me by surprise because every camera shot before the one that was not functioning worked like it should be.  Also, my previous short films were working as well.  So I'm really confused...  I filmed with the exact same camera and the exact same microphone with the exact same project template.   Someone please help!


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    More info would be useful, Richardo.

    Do you mean inside hitfilm the audio is out of sync, or after you export, the exported video has audio out of sync?

    I find that playback within hitfilm is not always smooth, so any results within hitfilm are a guide - but if the export is out of sync, then that is an issue.

    The other thing to remember is to make sure your audio sample rate is the same from camera to within hitfilm and then exporting. You might have issues if you record at say 44.1KHz but then have the default in hitfilm set to 48KHz. Also, keep your bit depth from camera to hitfilm of your audio the same if possible.

    I know that with my audio recorded at 44.1KHz, if I use a template for audio within hitfilm of 48Khz then the audio can drift (lose a little sync) if the project is many minutes long.

    From what you have said it is worth checking the specs on the file that is out of sync to see if it differs at all.

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