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Am I missing something?  When exporting to AVI, all you get is Uncompressed, DV PAL or DV NTSC. 

I would really like to export to any codec I have loaded on my system but specifically Newtek Speed HQ  (Yes, I'm still editing with SpeedEdit).

HF has saved my butt again on my current project but I need to send the output back to SpeedEdit.  My only alternative is to grind out an mp4 then transcode with MPEG Streamclip to get it back to AVI.  A long way around the barn to the front door. (not to mention the loss in quality).


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    At the moment, uncompressed is the only AVI output option. A second option to export is a bit of a strange bird, and it's another step, I think, put it should be higher quality:

    Dump an uncompressed AVI with all-Black video. This is to get the uncompressed PCM audio. If you don't need audio, then skip this.

    Otherwise, output image sequences--PNG or 16-bit Open EXR if needed. Yes, you'll still have to re-render/transcode to get back to AVI, but the image sequence will preserve higher image quality, and I've found that Image Sequences render faster than AVI or MP4 output. I think this is because with an image sequence the machine is looking at a single frame at a time, where a video file the machine has to use resources holding open this file that's being constantly ammended.

    Another advantage on image sequences is that if your render crashes halfway through--with a video file you go back to frame 1. With an image sequence, you can re-render from the frame of crash.

    Finally, the "big boy" VFX houses mostly work in image sequences for anything that's intended to actually make it to final output.

  • hey,, i always use camera video converter to convert my camera recorded video file. this converter allows the conversion into any other video file format.


  • Thanks @Triem23.   I just hate to have to do that extra set of steps to render the image sequence and re-encode back to AVI.  When you are doing several iterations of something that's a lot of time that could be spent elsewhere.

    Just wish HF would work with more codecs.

    Seems like HF as a plugin to your editor, like Vegas, is the way to go?

  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

    I think rather than see FXHOME jump off into the mess of trying to support multiple codecs I'd like to see some kind of frame serve/export pipeline so you could use a third party encoder of your choice. 

  • @Alladin4D ; Agreed, I don't want FXHome to chase every codec, either.

    But having only Uncompressed or DV in "standard def" as the only options leaves a little to be desired. 

    But I like your idea about the "frame serve/export" thingy.   Back in the day I recall there was some utility we used to use with Lightwave that watched a folder for incoming frames and appended them to a file.   If I can get my brain to remember that far back that might be an option.

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