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Hey, everyone, VidCon 2015 is coming up in July at the Anaheim Convention Center. Now, I won't be attending (by the time I was able to budget the $$ and get around to trying to buy tickets, the event had sold out), however, the Anaheim Convention Center is a mighty 20 minutes from my residence. So, this is me offering area advice from a local to FxHome staff and Hitfilm users who are attending.

First observation: The Convention Center is across the street from Disneyland. This puts you in a huge tourist trap area! (No fooling, I've been flat-out told by restaurant managers in the area that they won't accept coupons and that they don't participate in "special menu" items from their franchise simply because they are located right by Disney, and they know they can gouge you tourists.) If you want to know the restaurants that might be out of walking distance but still have good food and are less expensive, I'll hook you up. Hey, there's a movie theater right down the street! Or, if you want to see a movie, I'll send you to the location that's half the price for the same seat. Load up your Uber and Lyft apps, or I'll track down public transport information. (Hint: OC doesn't have wonderful public transportation). If you wanna get a drink at a local bar, not a touristy one, I'll recommend some ood ones. Hell, if you wanna go karaoke, I'll tell you where I'll be working those nights!

Ask, and I shall answer--on my recent honeymoon, the joys of the smartphone and instant internet access helped my wife and I get around England, Ireland and Wales, but our best advice and help came from friendly locals.


  • Hey Triem - this will actually be really useful for the HitFilm team who are going to VidCon this year :) We'll get in touch if we're at a loss for restaurants or would like a less 'touristy' option!
    Thanks :)

  • Less than two weeks to go and I'm really excited!

    @KirstieT Who on the HitFilm team is going? I've got a creator pass and would like to get a chance to meet people!

    The only restaurant I saw in walking distance I was interested in was Roscoes Chicken & Waffles.  And I need to try an In-And-Out Burger. And get to Korea Town in LA for BBQ one night. 

    How are the local bus lines? Horrible or only mildly nightmarish?


  • @ESPictures - it would be myself, Jade (Marketing), Andrea (COO) and Josh (Founder, who you all know well). We'd love to meet up with any of you who manage to make it to VidCon (and looking at the schedule it's likely we'll bump into you because most of the talks are taking place in the same vicinity). 

    Um - chicken and waffles sounds amazing. 

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    @EsPictures. I am on workday 10 of 11 in a row. Sunday night, I am off, so I will check out bus/train routes to Koreatown then. So-Cali doesn't have the best public transport in the world, and it will likely be bus, bus, bus, train, train, bus, bus, with a 2-3 hour transit time. On the other hand, Disney/Convention Center is a good place to pick up buses. ;-) 

    Consider adding the Uber/Lyft apps? Best route to Koreatown may be bus/Uber/taxi  6 miles up Harbor Blvd to Fullerton Train Station, train to LA, then bus/Uber/taxi to Koreatown. 

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    @KirstieT Cool beans. I always wanted to meet Josh. I'll definitely be at the Corridor Digital panel, which I assume FXHome will want to have someone at. Really though, there are enough awesome/potentially awesome panels, I wish I had a time turner from the Ministry of Magic to get to them all.

    Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles is like a block or two from the convention center according to Google. It's supposed to be a fairly famous place to eat in LA. And the VidCon maps say they'll also have food trucks there.

    @Triem23 Thanks! I figured I'd be spending some money on cab fair to get around, so I budgeted some for that. I've never tried Uber and am not quite sure how it would work. Last major city I lived in was Seoul and they have a pretty good public transportation system. But I figure a taxi is probably still cheaper than renting a car and then paying for the car to sit in a parking lot 95% of the time. 

  • Hey @ESPictures - Josh'll be happy to hear that! :) We'll definitely be at Corridor Digital's panel at VidCon. Keep an eye out for us - there will likely be 4 of us, all with our HitFilm logo bags (because we're cool like that). Looking forward to meeting you then!

  • Eh- all the good conventions happen too far away from me.  :^(

    I'll have to live vicariously through you folks.

  • @KirstieT Me too! Only a week away now!

    @StormyKnight Far from me too, although not as much as for the HitFilm team.  I had to plan ahead a little. Basically, my overtime pay from last xmas covered the cost of plane tickets and my tax return is covering the rest of the trip. But film-making/video is a very collaborative field and I need to get out and meet people and find collaborators. And learn from people who have already broken out successfully into online video. And when they announced a creator track for VidCon this year, I decided to go for it.

    I've already tweeted to BrandonJLA that I'm interested in hearing about how he's doing with the Perception Neuron motion capture system he got this year. A good motion capture system is something I need to set up within the next year and I think that may be a good choice versus traditional optical capture. Other people that I've collaborated with in the past (voice actors, etc.) are going to be there. I'm really hoping to meet lots of people and open the door for some awesome collaboration on future projects.


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    In general, sorry I have lagged on information I said I would provide. July is my busy month, and I have worked the last 10 days, four of them being over 12-hour days. 

    Important update: California Superior Court ruled Uber must cease operating in California. I am not certain when this goes into effect, but Lyft may be a better choice for rideshares. 

    @EsPictures I really really will get that transit information for Koreatown. My comp has been rendering for 30 hours, but should be done later tonight. 

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    From Anaheim Convention Center to Koreatown, you best option is in three stages:

    First to orient you. Anaheim Convention Center is across the street from Disneyland. Disney is NORTH of the Convention Center.

    Stage one: You can Uber/Lyft/Taxi from Anaheim Convention Center to Fullerton Metrolink Station.  Distance is about 5 miles, and the drive should take 10-20 minutes depending on time of day how how much tourist traffic is around. You can also walk about a quarter mile east to Harbor Blvd and take a bus North to Commonwealth Ave in Fullerton From Harbor and Commonwealth, you'd turn east and walk to Pomona Ave, then turn right. This is the parking area for the Fullerton Train Station (There's also a lot of restaurants at that intersection. I will cover those later in this post). A bus is $2 and will probably take 20-40 minutes. I wouldn't know. I have a car. ;-)

    Stage 2: Fullerton Metrolink Station to Los Angles Union Station. $9, 45 minutes, trains leave every two hours. Schedules at

    Stage 3: Union Station to Normandie/Wilshire Station via Metrolink Red and Purple lines. $2, 10 minutes, trains leave every 15 minutes.

    Total transit time will be about 90 min to 2 hours depending on your stage one. Total cost is about $11 for the trains. Total of $13 if you bus, Probably a total of $20-25 if you Taxi/Lyft/Uber to Fullerton Metrolink.

    I mentioned restaurants at Harbor and Commonwealth (about a half-mile from where I currently type). If you're going to Koreatown, you'll probably want to eat up there, but that intersection has Stubrik's (east on Commonweath)--a Steakhouse. Knowlwoods  (just south on Harbor)--a burger joint, Bourbon Street (east on Commonwealth)--another steakhouse, but more upscale than Stubrik's. Florentine's Grill and Tuscany Club (North on Harbor)--Mixed American food. Mostly burgers and pasta. Zing's (North on Harbor, west side of street)--ok, it's a bar, but tacos... Roman Cucina (North on Harbor, west side)--c'mon, with that name it's Italian. Great pizza. Slidebar Cafe (East on Commonwealth)--that place sucks and I list it only for completeness. Chomps (East on Commonwealth, north side)--sushi. There's a raman place right next to Chomps that's very good. I forget the name of the place.

    Fullerton and Anaheim in general have sizeable Korean populations. There's actually a lot of Korean BBQ around the area, ranging from sit-down places that do full table service through all-you-can-eat joints with tableside grills.

    EDIT: I was gonna give you my cell number in a private message if you have questions while in-town, but the MESSAGE button on your profile isn't working. Wonder if I found a website bug?

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    Question: Who's flying in from where? Orange and LA county Public Transit isn't wonderful. At all. If you're flying into LAX, using buses and trains, it's an estimated 3-to-4 hours!  You'll have to walk from the airport, and take three buses, at least, with walking between each bus stop. For you Brits, who the hell wants to do that crap after your 14 hour flight carrying your luggage and merch? You don't, so your options are going to be Taxi/Uber/Lyft or a shuttle bus. Shuttle buses from LAX to Anaheim are going to run you about $20/person.

    For LAX to Anaheim, you can check out this service:

    Or Expedia:|&pageNumber=1&regionId=178280&semcid=US.MULTILOB.GOOGLE.SEARCH.TSHOP&kword=+lax_+shuttle!m.ZzZz.4230000000845.0.76437575230.%2Blax%20%2Bshuttle.+lax_+shuttle&gclid=CL2hh96V6cYCFUeBfgodNnEPbw

    Or this service:

    Bus routes from John Wayne Airport to Anaheim take about 2 hours with at least two buses with walking between each stop. Again, your best option is going to be shuttle buses. About $20/person.

    How about this:

    or this (This is the same Expedia link as for LAX) :|&pageNumber=1&regionId=178280&semcid=US.MULTILOB.GOOGLE.SEARCH.TSHOP&kword=+john_+wayne_+airport_+shuttle!m.ZzZz.4230000001445.0.76437575950.%2Bjohn%20%2Bwayne%20%2Bairport%20%2Bshuttle.+john_+wayne_+airport_+shuttle&gclid=CKvShsuX6cYCFUuTfgod358OZw

    Or this:


  • Thanks, @Triem23 ! I kind of figured you'd have a dozen different things on your plate.  But knowing where to go will be really useful.  I really appreciate it.  I'm flying in/out through John Wayne because it was closer to Anaheim and got tickets for a shuttle bus to my hotel at  the same time. So I should be good there. 

    Here's my number if you want to text me or maybe we could have an extracurricular meet-up with the HitFilm folks, if they like?


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    @ESPictures @KristieT Here's my (late) information on some of the restaurants around the Convention Center. I just did this as a Word document, which can be downloaded here: near Anaheim Convention Center.doc?dl=0

    Enjoy the con. Unfortunately, I work, Thurs, Fri, and Sat nights this week. Sigh.

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    Missed your last post. I didn't have wi-fi in Anaheim and was trying to save my mobile bandwidth (still ran out of data) so I didn't check the HF boards while there. But I did get my bbq on Friday (my birthday) and had all-you-can-eat Korean bbq dinner with a lovely woman I met at VidCon.

    Also had a chance to pitch my animated show (I had brought test renders) to both Nickelodeon and a couple producers from the BBC.

     After the VFX panel (with Corridor Digital guys) I met a VFX artist who used to work for ILM but is now independent. He also played Darth Vader in the extended scenes when they were rereleased. He was carrying his daughter's bag around for her and seemed happy to talk VFX with me and take a break from being a porter.

    AND I also found the HitFilm/FXHome crew!

    HitFilm crew

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Sounds like a good time, and potentially lucrative!

    Unfortunately for me, I caught a stomach bug, and spent my Thursday and Friday either in bed, or *ahem* running the bathroom fan. (I even called in sick for Friday) and had long work days on Saturday and Sun (Sunday was a 13 hours call!)

    So I didn't get to do any meeting-up. Sadness.

    That's ok--in  couple of days I'll read the inevitable @KristieT blog.

  • Ugh. That sucks. Thanks for all of the info on Anaheim though.

  • I made a highlights reel for the creator track!

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