Hitfilm 3 Pro installed. Missing some OFX plugins

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Just noticed I'm short a few plugins. It's at least 4 short of the 130 I expected out of the 140 listed here: http://hitfilm.com/pro/plugins

Some of them have exclusions, but not the one I particularly want to play with, which is Grading Transfer.

It's in Hitfilm Pro 3 itself, just not outside it as a plugin. :(

Don't know what the other missing 3 are, as not gone through the whole list, but having access to those might be useful at some point too. :)

Here's what I've got - the ones marked in green are duplicated in the Free Folder as they came with the Editor and it seemed silly having their names doubled up,so I moved them there.


  • The effects you're looking for are found in Compositor Mode inside Vegas. You won't find them in the main effects listing. Check out the compositor mode interface, found on each timeline track.

  • Using Movie Studio 12, which only has Multiply and Source Alpha for Compositing and nothing else.

    I can  apply Track level effects, but they're the same as those available per clip.

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    Ah, that might be your issue. Officially, the Hitfilm plug-ins were announced as compatible with Vegas Pro. Movie Studio is a pretty different beast missing quite a lot of the functionality of Pro. 

  • Yes, I know, but not so much it's worth me paying the extra, although I do miss not having ramping.

    But, I thought an OFX plugin, was an OFX plugin. Any particular reason this one needs to be on a menu I can't get to rather than just accessed as a normal plugin? It just needs to adjust one source based on another one, right?

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    Boy, six months ago I would have tried to talk you into updating to Pro for scripting (plug-ins like Ultimate S and Vegasaur... I cannot stress how useful they are)and, of course direct integration with Hitfilm 3 that Movie Studio 12 doesn't have--except, with Catylist Edit, I am pretty certain Vegas's days are now numbered. 

    It's not quite true that an OFX plug-in is an OFX plug-in. OFX is still limited by the capabilities of the host. That's the reason certain of the Hitfilm plug-ins won't work in Vegas or Final Cut or Motion or Premiere. 

    For composite modes, you're saying Vegas Movie Studio only has Source Alpha and Multiply: not Add, Screen, Multiply (Mask), 3D or any of the 2-for-1 transforms. And the 2-for-1 transform is your key. Grade Transfer is a 2-for-1 process; requiring data from one layer to modulate another. If Movie Studio lacks Sony's 2-for-1 transforms, then it probably doesn't have that ability. Therefore NO 2-for-1 transform will work, including Grade Transfer. 

    As stated above, the Hitfilm plug-ins are officially Vegas Pro compatible, which means most should work in Movie Studio, but others might not load at all, or maybe crash. Kinda like how most NewBlue plug-ins actually run in Hitfilm, but neither NewBlue or FxHome will tell you that because NewBlue hasn't done versions optimized for Hitfilm yet--so most work, but some crash, and I just have to be happy with the ones that work! 

  •  As Triem says, OpenFX isn't quite as simple as you might think, as it depends on the capabilities of the host. I believe there are also slightly different versions of OpenFX, and different hosts support different ranges of options. I'm not a dev so I don't have the full details, sorry!

    In this case, those specific plugins require features that Movie Studio may not have. The way it is specifically interfaced inside Vegas is up to Sony, and isn't something in our control - you'll note that in HitFilm, all of these effects are simply found in the Effects panel, as you'd expect.

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    Thanks both and yes, it's because they're just 'Effects' in Hitfilm, I'd been expecting them to be there in Movie Studio in the same way.  Considering the number of effects that do work (the other 126) it just would have to be the one I wanted that's done differently. :(

    It wouldn't be such a problem if there were more export options from HitFilm 3 Pro, as I'd do the work there then add the file back to the project, but the AVI output doesn't allow me to export as Cineform, which I'm using elsewhere, or a .MOV option on the PC version so I can use DNxHD, which I use to export from Movie Studio. Once something goes into HitFilm, I'm a bit stuck getting something out of it to go around again (because having the effects applied in realtime every time I pass over a clip segment is too slow).

    Any plan to expand on Export options ? Why are there so few available? If a Codec is installed, don't you just hand the frames over and let it get on with it? I must have dozens available in every other program I use.

  • But, while officialy not supported, the HF3P integrates with Movie Studio 13?

    I have not yet upgraded, but I made a test with installing demo version and after installing HF3, you can import HF3 procects as media and use them on a SMS timeline (red info that I should activate HF3P in case of the demo).

    In this way, you could render HF3P projects to any format supported by SMS.

  • Don't know about 13, it doesn't integrate with 12 though, only HF 2 Express and 2 Ultimate do.

  • Ah, you are on SMS12. So you can upgrade your SMS, but I don't know if I should recommend it, due to interface changes SCS made in v13 :)

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    Thanks and yes: not a fan of the 13 interface. Looks like it was designed for, and by, 5 year olds to use while wearing boxing gloves. I think someone from the Windows 8 team might have been moonlighting at Sony. :(

  • Yes, its ugly, but if forces you to learn some hotkeys, so you work faster in the end :)

    BTW: HF3P integrates with SMSv12, at least on my machine.

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