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Our userbase has grown massively over the last two years and we want to keep the community at the heart of everything we do with HitFilm.

We hoped that the recent survey would help us to get an even better idea of who you were and what you wanted – and in the process we came across some answers that struck us as being pretty interesting, so we thought we’d share with you all. Read more >>


  • AWESOME! Now if we could just get our own interactive Simon, Kirstie and Axel the world would be a whole lot better! ;^)

  • This is fantastic!

  • Glad you liked it @StormyKnight and @Filmigos :) 
    We're working on an interactive version of ourselves (besides the real, human kind of interaction, of course). It's going to come out bundled with the time travelling version of HitFilm that doubles as a Fighter jet. 

  • LOLOL- looking forward to that!

  • LOVE HitFilm3 Pro, love it, love it.  I did the survey, but honestly can't remember if I mentioned one specific item I've been thinking about for a while now, so I hope it's not too late to mention something to add to the developer's list for consideration -- PLEASE consider making Octane Render an available plugin.  Although this is a newer render engine, it's been widely accepted in the VFX, gaming, and Film industries.   It has been a HUGE game changer in the production timeline within my company, and many others..  The company who produces it, Otoy, has made it their goal to get Octane as a Plugin in every major platform.  It's used in almost every major CAD package and they are beginning to port it to Adobe After Effects.  It would be awesome to see this as a plugin available in Hit Film.  It would take the VFX effects in HitFilm to an all new level of realism.  Their website is: ;

  • Hey, any chance Hitfilm is getting a puppet tool like AE?  Also, every once in a while I need to mask out a person manually I need to use a LOT of edges on the freehand mask tool. When I get about 1/3rd of the way through it starts taking about 10 seconds to render the other cuts. Any way to fix this?


  • I'm surprised a community of creative people couldn't think of any improvements. Animated models is a pretty major omission, I hope that's on the to do list. There's a whole list of things that are pretty standard across 3D applications that Hitfilm doesn't have, like normal maps. 

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    BigDaz - I'm pretty sure what you've listed is in the wish-list thread already; although finding specific points would be quite a chore. I remember normal maps being mentioned though. The devs do listen too- the last couple of updates had several user requested features that were mentioned in the thread. It will take some time getting everything added that's been requested but that's a good thing as it allows the software and community to grow together. Of any forum, I think this one is the most interactive regarding users and developers and true to their word, FXhome is keeping the price extremely reasonable for the amount of power you get with HF.....any version so far.


  • Normal maps are indeed pretty high up the list.

    Animated models, though - depends what you mean by that. There's several different ways of implementing that request.

    @LukeOBrien - have you considered using mocha to help with the mask rotoing of complex shapes?

  • I didn't get in on the recommendations but here are two first make HDRI lighting work in hit film. Second get a modeling 3d package to work as a plugin  maybe  Carrara  or something like it . Daz  doesn't seem to be doing much with it anyway and it seems to do everything. Modeling, manipulation, shading, HDRI lighting, model animation, instancing , puppeteer.

  • By animated models I mainly mean bones and characters. You can have cars but no driver getting in or out of it. If you wanted to do a version of Jurassic Park in Hitfilm with dinosaur characters animating, as far as I can tell you can't. You could add a T-Rex easily enough but it would have to stand still or rotate it's legs like some sort of robot.

  • SimonKJones

    You Know I don't mess around If there is indeed normal maps then there will be some Hard core S*** going down \m/, would you kindly have me as a beta tester dear Sir? :]

  • Just bring it to Linux!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  • Most missing feature for me is a more complete written documentation, with at least some example of usage of the different effects and also a complete description of the different parameters.

    A video tutorial is nice, but you cannot search a video for fast reference.

  • davide445

    I can kind of see where you are coming from but they do have in the U.I. little (?) icons scattered around the  containers and should link you to a directory of all the featured effects, compositing, editing and troubleshooting, 

    is this what you mean?

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    I can't really understood what you mean, sorry.

    I mean simply a proper PDF documentation.

    Anyway I looked now at the online reference manual and appear to be improved in the last month.

    I really like the sw and I'm passing the info into the national videomaker web community about it, simply think about faster way to learn it.

  • Yeah @davide445 as you say there is the online reference manual which we produce to cover all the main details of the software, but you can download a PDF version of that as well here (

  • @BigDaz - we don't currently intend to add full-on rigging to HitFilm. If you're looking to do really advanced animation like that you're generally going to be better off doing it in a full 3D modeller/animator like 3DSMax etc.

    @FilmWorld - no current plans for Linux, sorry. If the community can demonstrate that there's a market there, then we'd certainly consider it. In an ideal world we'd be on ALL platforms - but development has to be funded, in the end. :)

    @davide445 - I'm working on continually improving the user guide. You'll note that some of the more recent effects and additions have considerably more detail. Over time I will be expanding that out to cover more content. Feedback is always welcome!

  • @SimonKJones - Any plans to implement a point cache system (e.g. MDD) for importing animated 3D models?

  • No specific plans, but that kind of route would I think make more sense than implementing complete animation/rigging/bone support, given the nature of HitFilm as a product.

  • I have to comment on the NEW HITFILM 3 EXPRESS, mostly because I commented on HITFILM 2 EXPRESS  and I came down hard on it because of the limited AUDIO TRACKS and the Software liked to crash when doing complex compositing.  I told as many people as a could that the software is so close to being a game changer for editors, because of the work flow for Special effects, but its's just not there yet.  I down loaded HITFILM 3 EXPRESS it now has multiple Audio channels, and after tracking, compositing multipple layers, and putting HF3EXP through it's paces I have to say all the issues are fixed that I was having problems with.  IT'S  NOW THE GAME CHANGER I HOPED IT Would be.  I'll be making a few short films to put it through its paces before I totally switch over from ADOBE, but AE and Premier may be wiped off my PC forever.  I've had every update of AE and Premiere since PRO first came till CC now, but I'll be happy to stop paying that bill every month if HF3 continuous to perform as well as it has in the last 6 days.

  • I'm a new user and I can't find the scopes!!  As you no doubt know, colour correcting and grading is effectively impossible without a WFM, Vectorscope and Parade scope. Please, please correct this deficiency ASAP. It may convert this excellent program from an expensive toy to a real tool. Long may it exist.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Vegemite Hitfilm currently lacks scopes. If you are on Hitfilm Pro NewBlue has OpenFx Scopes in the Video Essentials 5 bundle. 

    Otherwise, the Wishlist thread for new features is here:

  • As for 3D animation Daz studio is free, the mention of autodesk (3d max, maya) programs  the first thing I think of is cost!! Daz has a great program in carrara if it could be made to run as an overlay plugin it would be great as it has terrain and modeling capabilities as well as animation. and Daz has let it sit without an upgrade for some time they may be approachable. There is an output option with alpha channel but it would be much easier to get the lighting correct if it ran in hitfilm. 

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