Convert VOB to decent quality video for tablet

Can people recommend software, preferrably free that does a good job of converting VOB files to tablet friendly but decent quality formats. I've tried handbrake but so far the quality of the result has been pretty poor.

I should say that the files are already ripped from the DVD onto my Laptop so there isn't an issue with any kind of DRM 


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I would say readjust your Handbrake settings. VOB is an interlaced MPEG-2 and Handbrake is outputting progressive MPEG-4. Double check to make sure your de-interlace is on. Otherwise, a VOB file should come out of Handbrake just fine with a bitrate of about 2-3 Mbps

  • Since you have a tablet yourself @Triem23 could you recommend a profile to use or should I use custom? I find the output has a hell of a lot of compression aritfacts and in general looks awful. I did use the "general" profile though.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I am out of my home country and won't be back on my computer for another week and a half, so I can't check my exact settings. I do use custom profiles. 

    One question is, what's your output resolution? VOB is, of course, standard-def (and interlaced) MPEG-2 which is already a lossy format to begin with. If you're up sampling you exaggerate any existing artifacts, and, depending on your source DVD, the original footage is probably pretty poor to begin with. 

    In theory, Mpeg-4 is four times as efficient as Mpeg-2. The same image quality fits in one-fourth the space. 

    DVD spec allows for bursts of 9 Mbps and a sustained rate of 8 Mpbs with most DVD's encoded closer to 6 Mbps. So a 2-3Mbps Mpeg-4 should be good. 

    Let's see what I remember: for a DVD source I think I am using a 720x480 output with a Modulus of 16.  DEINTERLACE! Framerate from source, Constant bitrate (I used 2,500,000 bps), 2-pass encode. Don't forget to select an audio channel for a custom profile or you won't have audio. 

    Details will have to wait. 

  • That's fine @Triem23, Thanks for that. I'll start with those options and I can play tunes on it from there. Don't worry about any more details. Just enjoy whatever it is you are doing and thanks again for taking the time to reply.

  • What kind is your tablet, Andriod or iOS? I found a tutorial for you on Google. Good luck!

  • Handbrake should do the trick.

    In Presets->Regualr->High Profile

    Picture: Anamorphic, well that depends on whether the source is. I pick either Strict or None.

    Filters: Detelecine, I live in a PAL area so it's off, if you're NTSC then I guess you need to try Default

    Deinterlace: Unless you're certain the footage is already progressive select Decomb -> Default

    Denose: Off

    Deblock: Off

    Grayscale: Unticked

    Video:  Codec: H.264 (x264)

    Frame Rate: Same as source, Variable

    Optimise Video: Just change x264 tune: Select Film if it's a movie, even if it's a modern animation.

    Leave the rest as is.

    Quality: Constant Quality. A setting around 20 is fine, I've even gone down to 26 (bigger number == lower quality) and still been happy with the result, although I manly do this for my kids to watch so they don't wreck my original discs!

  • VOB files are from DVD disks and there are few free software can handle this kind of video files. I use Pavtube Video Converter to edit this kind of videos I copied from original DVD, works great.

  • thanks for all the tips guys. I do have Pavtube but didnt know it could handle VOB files. i'll check that out. I also have handbrake so will try that again see if I can get better results

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    A VOB file is just Mpeg-2 renamed to fit the standard naming protocol for DVD. You could actually rename the files with MPG and it wouldn't change anything. Just for reference. 

  • Ah of course. Thanks @Triem23, I should have thought of that myself

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