Panel width problems

Have a look at this screenshot (This is my secondary screen, the viewer panel is floated and maximized on my main screen):!72644&authkey=!AMeRUOk8cdHywWI&v=3&ithint=photo,png

The controls panel leaves not enough room to the right for all control values to be displayed properly. Not that devastating in itself, BUT I also can not drag the divider further to the right - I have a little play to the left, this is a s far right as it goes, the other panels are somehow hindering it from extending further. I've saved the layout in the project file I was working on, it's here:!72643&authkey=!AJwfVr_tNfkPcU4&ithint=file,hfp


  • I think each panel type  has a minimum width, which is probably why they can't scoot over any more.  Didn't HF2 have dividers within the controls?

    Myself, I don't use the history often enough to give it dedicated space, so I'd probably add it to the effects/media panel.

  • Yes, that seems to be the problem... The history and media panel I could both make smaller individually, but the lifetime panel was already its smalles size. I'd expect the program to use the available space from all other panels in the row though, not just the one directly next to it... Well okay, needs some optimization, but I can live with that :D

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