New epic intro and prequel

prequel (posted before)...
also, i think i should do behind the scene videos, but that means i need to buy a screen recorder (£30) should i??


  • If you want to do screenrecordings you don't need to buy an expensive screen recorder. I use HyperCam, a free program which works fine for me.
  • Neh , you can get a trial version of fraps .
  • Okay, I have heard of fraps before, I just forgot.... And hyper cam, cool I will check them out, thanks!
  • I can't download much, n my computer is a bit on edge (can't take much more software) so I might have to get an external one
  • (I managed to download fraps)
  • Is the beginning the right length, or too long? I have been told it is to long by tractor man, but what do you guys think? ;)
  • In future, please use the 'Edit' button to edit your posts. Don't post lots of posts one after another. Thanks!
  • How did u emebed these vids on the page Froi? I cant seem to do that :(
    Please give me a clue 8-|
  • Go to YouTube, then under your video click share, then copy the URL that comes up (under the video) and paste it into a topic :))
  • Thats it :mellow: ??? Just put the url in the topic? I don't have to do anything with the tab "other styles" and such? Really?!?! I am amazed... @-)
    lol :)
  • Minecraft 4 ever ! :D
    like !
  • Yeah, just copy URL into a post

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