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Hello again, I'm using Hitfilm 2 Express. I've been working on a project for a bit without many issues, but now the video plays back very choppily, even after I export it. What's the issue?


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    It's the weekend, so staff probably won't respond till Mon. 

    You can help staff answer your question by providing more information. 





    Format/codec of source footage:

    Output settings for Exported footage. 

    One possible option. Your source footage is probably in an h.264 codec, which isn't the best for editing (FxHome recommends conversion to DNxHD using a tool such as the free MPEG STREAMCLIP.).  This would account for choppy playback in Hitfilm. 

    For Export, if you did something like Uncompressed AVI, your drive probably can't keep up with the massive data rate. 

    That's speculation, however. Not enough information yet to figure it out. 

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