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Hello everyone  

I know there are various limited hitfilm templates for download on this forum and on the internet. I am wondering what your thoughts are on the chanced of ever seeing an extensive selection of available templates for sale, like you can find for after effects on a number of different sites.

Would that come on handy? I think it would if you're working on a vfx effect or complicated title opener and you are on a time constraint.  ( or you are just getting started with HF or just a beginner )

There's some great free templates but under the right situation, I'd be willing to pay for a template and just fill in the details and render it.. just a thought. . If nothing else  I plan on adding some templates that I created over the last year for others to use and enjoy.




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    I am fairly certain we will eventually see Hitfilm templates for sale--the question is, who's gonna be first to market? FxHome, @Rodypolis, @InscapeDigital, @Majhar, @MichaelJames or me? 

    My bet is Rody or Inscape. Especially as my own plans are more for particle presets than project templates, although a few simple sideshows would not be a bad idea. Inscape already has his flare presets out, and Rody has a whole product line, although he seems to have gone for host-generic media overlays. I know @NXVisual is working on assets for Hitfilm users, but I think his plans are for model packs and he wants to give them away instead of sell. 

    Most likely there will be more free ones first. 

    Speaking of, I have a few freebies in this thread:  hitfilm.com/forum/discussion/5382/triem-23-s-templates-tutorials-and-projects#latest

    Either way, with HFP3 adding the ability to right-click to replace media in the pool, it makes template construction easier for the creator and end user. In HFU2 it was less feasible. 

    Just  out of curiosity, what are you looking for? 

  • I currently need to re-create a dirty duct work - like in a factory or building.  I have the dust created, but I need the spooky/creepy and downright nasty duct work part - like a room on all sides and very claustrophobic.

    After that, I need to create 3D titles and then move the camera through the vents and particles (would not mind adding some actual fungi and mold particles as well as just non-descript particles) going from 3D Title to 3D Title.

    Tjis is for a intro for a video on mold, mildew and fungi removal services.

    Not sure how to create the duct work with creepy lighting as well as the angled 3D text (as can be seen in Video Copilot's 3D Room tutorial - http://www.videocopilot.net/tutorials/3d_room/).

    Any help is appreciated.


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     Ok kinda weird in a small world sort of way. Normally I would have a ton of footage of actual dirty ductwork but right now all I have on hand is a bunch of after cleaning documentation clips. Never really considered trying to recreate the look though. The reality is disgusting enough.......

  • At the moment,  I'm not looking for anything paricular.  I had an ah ha moment when I realized that there are no templates for sale on some of the sites that heavily promote AE templates.  Of course free is better but I just figured for future projects, it may come in handy to have templates available for purchase.  Looking thru some of the AE templates also helped my imagination of what would look cool and then try to duplicate it my self on hf3. Here are two sites i I've used that helped me create  some cool intros. They are paid sites but some of the templates are free. Maybe they can help those looking for intros or transitions for their movie. 







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