Man of Steel--recolored

These guys decided to recolor 2012's Man of Steel to look more like the 1970's/80's Christopher Reeve films.

Doesn't make that film any better, but it's kind of interesting.


  • I like the colored version. I don´t like this dark movies, because I want to see whats going on. Why do all those special effects when you are not able to see it at the end of the day? 

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    It's interesting that the video compares the look to Nolan's Batman films, because they're vastly different - even if the specific still they picked makes them look very similar. Nolan's films had a very stark look, kinda 1970s thriller-esque. Dark, deep shadows. But the look was very grounded and real-looking.

    Man of Steel is about as far away from that as is possible. It's hyper-stylized, very unrealistic (in a deliberate way), and very painterly in its approach. It aims to look like a series of beautiful concept art images, infused with Zack Synder's trademark sepia wash.

    I do prefer the more colourful version they've made (conceptually, at least), but I don't really agree with their initial analysis of Man of Steel's look.

  • Personally, Man of Steel is by far my favorite movie in terms of the "look" of it. The color correction (desaturated), film grain,  the style of the VFX (smoke, explosions, glow) all come together into something I try to replicate with most of my VFX.

     The recent Jurassic World Global trailer, to me, looks like someone turned the Saturation to 175%. I don't dislike it, I think it looks good, I just prefer colder, darker colors. You might also notice the second Star Wars trailer maintains pretty much all of the color. 

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    Funny but I prefer colder, because it makes me deeper in film,

    Colorful means vitality,Dark means death or rational

    So  I don't think it is a technical topic,it's emotional.

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    They actually made the "before" pics look worse for their video. Also, I don't like that they deliberately changed the whole color of things ( turned what's clearly supposed to be dry, yellow grass to a bright green).

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    I Have Taken The Time And Recolored The Entire Film !!

    You Can Download It Absolutely Free Here: <link removed due to copyright infringement>

    Feel Free To Share The Link With Others And Enjoy =D

  • What! How long did this take you?

  • @directorcm Don't want to spoil the fun, but despite your technical achievement, that's probably illegal - recoloring your private copy of the film for learning purposes might be fine, but sharing it publicly is most definitely not. Well, no plaintiff, no judge, but if this makes wider rounds you might get some trouble. Be careful.

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    @Robin beat me to it. I'll give you 75% odds the FxHome staff will play it safe and kill your link.

    Although, I admit, that's some dedication!

    (Also, I was wondering why comments to this thread were tripping my notifications counter. I forgot I started it! heh.)

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    @Triem23 Never tell me the odds!

    (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

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    Robin the odds of you saying that where... 

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    @Robin nothin' wrong with the Star Wars joke. ;-)

  • Color and color temperature is a great tool for telling a story. It influenced by mood, speed and many more things only an artist can handle well. I reckon this is like rewriting a book written in archaic language to modern style. Same story but something lost in the process.

  • directorcm

    I have removed your link, we cannot allow users to download copyrighted material on our forums for obvious reasons. I hope you understand that.

    The topic is interesting so do please continue, but try to keep it legal. :)


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    @Messin agreed. This seems a good place to say to stop using that damn teal/orange grade, please? 

  • Eh, The Link Has Been Removed. No Skin Off My Teeth. I Was Just Trying To Provide A Service =D

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