Nuke now available free for non-commercial use

Another big name with a free option, it's not just fusion anymore. They have an integrated environment like hitfilm called nuke studio. Exciting times! A bit concerning for the fxhome guys but hitfilm has 4k which free nuke doesn't. Hobbyists can have a real kick ass toolkit these days.


  • It's really not concerning for us. :) Nuke is a very different beast to HitFilm, just like Fusion is also its own thing. Bear in mind we launched into a market back in 2011 which was dominated by AE, and HitFilm has flourished in that environiment. Competition doesn't worry us - it just motivates us.

    Filmmakers having more choice is a good thing for everyone, and there's plenty of room in the market for multiple players. The end result is that all devs have to try harder, which leads to better tools overall.

  • I don't want to start a flame on nodal vs layer approach, but would be really innovative to see in a future release of HitFilm the possibility to approach a composite in both ways. I mean: when it's more suitable acting the layer way, i would like to choose layer approach, then in next compo i'd like to approach with nodal workflow, maybe because i wish to work with multilayered exr and route each layer on different effects and so on.

    This would be a great advantage and infinite freedom i guess!

  • Fair point @SimonKJones. I was thinking more about really breaking the Pro market. 

    @Ubi I'm not sure if that would even be possible. Interesting though

  • @DreamArchitect: the licence is non commercial, so probably even publishing videos to YT with ads violates the license. But it is very useful for someone who wants to learn the tool, to find job in company, that uses it.

    So, the message for the companies is: buy our software, there will be a lot of people who knows it, as they can practice for free.

  • Definitely a nice thing to be able to practice with.  Really wish Primatte was available though, because that node is super useful and would be a really good one to get practice with.  I use it almost everyday.

    At the same time, learning to build keyers for specific situations is also a valuable skill, which this will work perfectly for.

    Like Ubi said, it would be great to have software that can tackle both layer based and node based approaches  simultaneously, depending on what each shot needs.  Hoping for something like that someday.

  • @Marcin,

    I checked out what you said and found this on the foundry forum

    "Hello everyone,
    Just a little more info on this- hobbyists and students can use NUKE Non-commercial to create personal projects and demo reels. Sharing your work on YouTube and Vimeo is ok, even if you earn advertising revenue.

    Here's another bit from the FAQ:

    “Non-commercial” use is any usage of NUKE, NUKEX and NUKE STUDIO that does not make the user profit and is not in the provision of services to third-parties. Examples of Non-commercial usage are: personal learning, personal projects, experimentation and research. Indirect activities such as personal images or clips posted on YouTube or Vimeo that may generate advertising revenue are permitted."

    Hope this helps!"

    It seems you can use it on YT after all

  • @DreamArchitect

    Thanks! Looks better now.

    And it runs on Linux (at least on two distributions :) )


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    @DreamArchitect Well, that's some generous licensing! Be careful though, it only says "personal projects", "demo reels" and "hobbyists and student", so any professional work, even if published exclusively to YouTube with the intent of generating money from it will still not be permitted. Just clarifying this for anyone just skipping over this thread ;)

  • that's a good point @Robin. I was thinking from the point of view of the hobbyist as that's what I am. Tools like this would have been out of reach before now. Of course hitfilm brought a lot of that power to us at much more affordable prices. I won't be ditching hitfilm any time soon

  • @DreamArchitect: well, keep in mind that Nuke is single shot oriented. HitFilm, while being more limited from the compositing POV, offers an integrated editing environment.

  • @Ubi So does nuke studio

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