Semi-colon in the time display

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I've recently noticed that the time display in HitFilm is separated by semi-colons when I would have expected colons, for example if I go 5 seconds 7 frames into a clip then the editor's time is 00;00;05;07.

Is this normal for NLEs, I've never noticed it before.

Oh yeah, I should mention that my location is set to English (New Zealand) in Windows 8.1


  • I saw that too- should be colons. But I think the example you cite above is actually 05 minutes 07 seconds. Frames are counted differently. Right click on the time/frame display and you can change the display to frames or time. I may be wrong but I don't think the time includes frames in the count. It's one or the other. If I were sitting in front of my own computer right now I could be 100%  certain but I'm at work.

  • Well, for me they ARE colons... Maybe this is some localisation thing again? I'm on a German OS here.

    Stormy, that timecode is 5 seconds and seven frames. Otherwise what should the leftmost number count? Days? :P

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    I guess I didn't notice how many digit places there are. I stand corrected.

    Robin - If I were still using my laptop for compositing it probably would be days. ;^)

  • I'm in the US and while mine should be colons, but most display as semi-colons.  When entering time values, even when the original is semi-colons, I type colons out of habit, and it accepts them with no problem.  Would be nice for me if they where all colons .

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    I've noticed that, if I am directly entering a timecode value, Hitfilm doesn't care if I enter a colon or semicolon. As for the display, I don't care if it's a colon, semi colon, period, asterisk or em dash. It's just a seperator. ;-) 

  • The separator depends on the timeline frame rate, not your computer locale.

    Semi-colons indicate a drop-frame rate (23.976, 29.97, 59.94) whereas colon separators are used for everything else.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Really! Ok, that's actually pretty neat! 

  • Ooooh, okay that makes sense! Just for the record, is this HitFilm specific or is this some industry standard of sorts?

  • It's a convention that many NLEs follow.

  • Wow.  Sudden flash back to editing on an Ampex ACE "ampex computerized editor" back in the day.  Had to keep track of whether time code on the source tapes were in semi-colons or colons (drop or non-drop frame).  If they didn't match you would get a color framing error and the image would shift up or down (as I recall) right on the edit.  

    Trying to tell if it was a semi-colon or a colon on that tiny green CRT screen was a real challenge.

  • @Hendo, thanks for the explanation. That is pretty cool, once you know the significance.

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