Error 41: Problem Starting Quicktime Helper Process(Win 8.1)

I just bought a new computer(HP Pavillion 500 277c), I installed Quicktime. when I start HFP3 that error presents itself. however if I run HFP3 in admin mode, the error doesn't pop up, but then I cant drag and drop files from the explorer into HFP3. Makes working on projects more difficult. BTW this is my second machine. My other machine with HFP3 doesn't display this issue.


BTW, I am loving Hitfilm 3 Pro, as a beginner into VFX and editing, I am having the time of my life with it.

But as of now...Help!!


  • My Specs:

    HP pavilion 500 277c

    i7 4770  3.4ghz

    12G Ram

    1TB Hardrive




  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Make sure you have Apple QuickTime installed on the new machine and that QT is seen by both profiles. That looks like the "Quicktime is missing" error. 

  • Yeah, I had the same problem only the error came up after installing update  #5. I just needed to update Quicktime. 

  • This is with Quicktime installed(3 times now). It doesn't do this when "Run As Admin" is set.


  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

    It sounds like you have permission/user rights problems more than a HitFilm or Quicktime problem. For whatever reason the only user authorized to access Quicktime is Administrator so when you try to run HitFilm as any other user Quicktime can't be accessed by that user and you get the error

  • :( i am the only user setup and with full admin rights.

    I may just replace the motherboard, and swap my  Win 8 from my other PC instead as it has my Music creation apps on it as well. I dont really care for Branded PCs preconfigure

  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

    @IAMYISH If running as admin clears the error then your user account, for whatever reason, doesn't have full admin rights or there's a file ownership issue or permission issue that halts access for any account other than Administrator. A user account that's a member of the administrators group isn't the same as the actual Administrator account. 

  • Yeah, I noticed that there lacked a master admin account.

    No worries. I grabbed an Asrock z97 anniversary edition for 50 bucks open box with 2 PCI slots for my dsp cards that allows me to capture audio for my tutorial channel.

    I think it is a step up from the HP motherboard and I can  get back to my original non oem system. Downloading the latest update now. Here goes.

  • For what its worth i paid $500 for the HP system

    the i7 4770 is $339

    12 gig ram $160

    499 total

    So essentially i got the 1tb drive free :)


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