HitFilm Pro 3 major stability issues

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I've been playing around more and more with HF3 and finding it more and more buggy. It keeps on crashing at random intervals. I have suspicion it has to do with the new update. Didn't do this before. Whenever software has so many updates coming out in a short space of time, something usually goes haywire in windows internal wiring of things. Just now I was busy with a project, probably 20 - 30mins of work without saving, and all I did was switch unsharpen mask, which was in a grade layer on a single 10sc clip on and off to see the effect and HF decided to crash and send an error report to main server or something. It wasnt even an intensive effect and I had set my viewer to half resolution. Its really worrying. And this is just is probably the 10th issue I have encoutered in the past two days alone of playing with the software that made it crash..


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    I am calling out "RobertBrin" as a clever bot. First, his two discussions have already appeared, word for word, before. 

    Second, all "his" posts end with links to pirated media. Encouraging theft of films on a film making forum is not cool. 

  • @Triem23 I don't recall seeing this discussion before, but I have removed the pirated link from the post.

    @RobertBrin Sorry to hear you're having issues. Checking our system, I don't see an error report from you and we're unable to offer assistance on the forum without the information this report would provide. Could you please submit your error report or send us a support ticket and we'll take a look at the problem: www.hitfilm.com/questions/submit

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    @KristieT please check out this thread from April 4. Compare to this thread. ☺ Titles are identical, first posts in each are identical. User names are different. 


    You'll see why I cry "Bot!" 

  • @Triem23 Maybe you're a bot too? How could you detect those duplicate posts so quickly otherwise? Also, your first post in this thread also appears in another thread, word by word :P

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    Damn. My cover is blown! I am Frynet! @WSStudios, beware! ;)  

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    "All of this has happened before... And will happen again..."

    Different name, same post. Bot or troll...?

  • @NullUnit

    If this has happened before and will happen again...then, what iteration of the Matrix are we in now?

  • Could be version 3, update 5 as far as we know, seeing it seems to be focused on this forum.

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