Can't Open The Program (Solved)

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So recently I downloaded the new Hitfilm 3 Pro, and I immediately tried opening it after it had downloaded.  However, when I went to open it, it would start bouncing on the dock bar (I have a Mac Air) and then would randomly shrink down and close without a trace.  I can't figure this out, as I have all the files downloaded, the plugins, and everything.  What is worse is that I cannot delete it from my laptop now that it is on here, it just won't let me select it for deletion.  Could someone please help?  I really loved Hitfilm 2 and was psyched to download it, but now I can't make it open.  P.S. I do not have a paid version, I used the free trial for Hitfilm Ultimate 2 last year and tried doing it again this time, but when I click that in the plugin application, it vanishes and nothing happens.  


  • Which OS are you running? Can you give us the specs for the Mac air?

    Graphics Card:

    Have you already tried rebooting the laptop?

  • Hey, I figured it out, it was some admin problem (school laptop) it works now!

  • Tried to open Hitfilm 4 Pro, but it doesn't even try to open. It just sits there like I never clicked it. At some point this happened before, but I forget what I did to fix it

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