Asteroid Test

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So I used the image from Majahr's paralax tutorial , and did this.
It was more or less a sound design and masking test .
Any feedback would be great :D
test vid here
Please Watch it in full hd .


  • Nice:)
    One note though:
    I would show the impact(the orange glow) earlier and the explosion sound 2 secs later so it looks like it's actually behind that mountain.
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    I did think about using that in the sound design, that kind of lightning sound. So you see the effect and then hear the noise. I really wish I did now ;)
  • I actually did a version with better sound design.
  • Daniboy,
    Looked really good i thaught, if i was to pick on anything it would be the smoke at the end.
    1. Scale: Drop down the scale setting, the smoke plumes look way too big when you consider how far away your impact is.
    2. Speed: Smoke that far away would move really really slowly, almost at a stand still.
    3. Would'nt you be better off loosing the smoke effect all together & replace it with something more appropriate like an atom bomb like mushroom explosion. Dont forget the impact you've just had is epic one of biblical proportions.
    I'd also be inclined to keep your orange glow up for a lot longer too.

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