Seems like an interpolation bug.

Am I missing something?

I create a 3D rig in Hitfilm 3.  Text in a 3D plane; a spot light to illuminate it; a 3D camera; and a 3D point to drive everything.  The text, light, and camera are parented to the 3D point.

My expectation is that when I transform the 3D point everything should move in unison (since everything is parented to the 3D point), and no change to the image should be occur.

 If I change the 3D point via the transform settings in the control panel everything is fine – no perceived change in the image occurs.

 However if I set two key frames a few seconds apart to transform the 3D point position, there appears to be intermittent changes in the distance between the camera and the text plane resulting in jitter.

Changing the “Color Bit Depth” to 16-bit float has no effect.


 Core i7-4790s, 32G Ram, Win 7 Pro x64, 2G R9 270x



  • Can you link us to a comp with your rig setup in it, so we can take a look?

  • Axel,

    Sent you a link in a message...



  • Thanks Jeff, I got it, and it does indeed look like there is some sort of bug there. I replied to your message requesting that you submit a ticket and send the project to Support, so they can work on it for you.

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