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Quick question about the icon for HF3P listed in Programs and features (uninstall page in Control Panel). Is the icon supposed to have an 'X' over it? I noticed this too in my laptop. Is it just to differentiate it from the plugin icon? 


  • I always assumed this just meant "uninstall", so it doesn't get confused with the actual program, if the uninstaller and the program should be displayed next to each other somewhere. Doesn't explain why it's different with the plugins though...

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    Robin - I clicked on the 'x'- there was a flash of light, a loud trumpet fanfare and....................SimonKJonesAxelWilkinson appeared right before my eyes! Wow! This program really is interactive!!!      :^)  

    You're probably right though- uninstall.

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    @StormyKnight I think you just uncovered the new transporter effect scheduled for Update #5

  • I just noticed this too.....would any of our esteemed leaders care to chime in on this?


  • That's the uninstall icon, and the X on the icon is there to indicate that it will remove the application.

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