HitFilm on retina display

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It looks horrible, absolutely horrible, on the retina display. Everything is blurry and ugh. Running a macbook pro mid 2014.... If this can't be fixed, how do I uninstall?

https://www.dropbox.com/s/umujhnw3glw9p3a/Screenshot 2015-03-28 01.21.18.png?dl=0

Look at how blurry it all is.. It doesn't look good :(


  • It looks like it's been scaled up. It looks like your monitor is 2880x1800. Mine is 2560x1440 (I'm on a PC) and my HF font's and other stuff  are about half the size, but crisp.   It really does look like yours is sized for something like 1920x1080, then scaled up to fit the monitor.  I'm not familiar enough with MAC's to suggest anything, but maybe there's a setting to keep it from scaling?

  • Not that this will fix your scaling problem, but you should also update your software. Youre running an older version.

  • HitFilm is not a Retina application, so OS X will do some scaling on the UI elements. This is the same for any non-Retina app on Mac.

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