Dragon Ball Z: New Hope. Live action movie that makes me want more

Now no one mention the terrible movie that shall not be named.

This fan film gives me hope that a live action DBZ could work.  Its already at 11million views.  SO clearly there is a market for it.






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    Oooh, I will have to watch that later. 

    I have a special place in my heart for DBZ--when Funimation first did their DBZ site, my company handled the multimedia assets.   

  • I did like that!

    It is must be very hard to pull off DBZ fights in live action, but that wasn't bad at all. (The movie was awful)

    Lots of movies/TV find it hard to show super powered beings fighting. And DBZ with fast moves, flying, energy beams, etc must be tough,

    BTW: I think I would prefer a live action DBZ abridged! :)

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    Everyone would prefer a live-action DBZ abridged. If I have to watch two actors screaming at each other for five minutes while the narrator drones on for five minutes before someone throws a punch.... ;-) DBZ is fun, but the bottom line is while adapting the comic to a TV show they pulled an HBO/George R.R. Martin--except instead of building the series off creator notes they padded, stalled and added redundant subplots to let the comic get ahead. There's a LOT of fat to trim in the DBZ storyline.

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    Lol you say that like its a bad thing... They could literally do what they did on the tv show if they get the action down.  DBZ had periods in the show which were slow, but they had the drama down.    Why would it be ok for a action cartoon to have an episode or 2 of talking before a major fight but a movie having 4 minutes of dialogue be bad?

    DBZ moment which were memorable more for the talking and the overly dramatic nature then the fighting. 


    A good example of a movie that took nothing and made it last a very long time and become super interesting?

    The good that bad the ugly


    Overly dramatic?  Yes, but memorable.  

  • 3D animation is a good movie for DragonBall.. making it a live action could become a disappointment.

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