Adjust Camera Clip Distance in HFP3

In HF2 the 3D camera has a default clipping distance of 100,000 units. I was able to find a dialogue box to up camera clipping distance when needed. I can't find this option in HFP3. Was it moved elsewhere, or removed? 

If removed, why so? That's almost a required setting!

Right now I am doing some shots where I really need some massive 3D space, and camera clipping is forcing me to rethink some shots and play some forced-perspective/scale tricks.  


  • @Triem23 , right click on the camera layer name and click on Layer Properties (was just just Properties on HF2U).

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Thanks @rgbii---I knew it had to be something simple-stupid I was overlooking.

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    Trying to adjust camera clip distance in HFP3, I am unable to increase this value above 100,000. In HFU2, I have set clip distance at over 200,000.

    Did HFP3  lower the maximum clip distance, or is Hitfilm capping me at 100,000 because it sees my GPU is kinda naff or am I missing something else? @SimonKJones, @Ady, or @AxelWilkenson, at least one of you gurus would know! 

  • @Triem23 - mine's capped at 100,000 also.   I have a GTX 670m

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    Ok, so that may be the new max (boo.). For the current projects I just ended up linking everything to a master point and scaling everything down to compress my space to fit inside the camera's range. It worked.

    Side note as to why I sometimes go for large spaces: Seems that Hitfilm is rasterizing a shadow map at some point in the render. if you make things too small and get too close the shadow map pixel get enlarged and you get really ugly, blocky shadows. So I've been in the habit of making things larger rather than shrinking them down to preserve the shadow map details (Using some of those recent Dalek shots as an example, My Daleks are a base 500 px high. This makes the Tardis larger and that mothership HUGE!--now add in the moon and Earth, and we're having to render a couple things in multiple passes with some false perspective.)

    FxHome Gurus, any reason why this seems to have been changed and any hope of getting increased clipping distance later, maybe?

  • I've also had some ugly shadows, that seem to flash/jump around, mostly  on 3d models (which I'm still new at), maybe this is why.

  • I've never really had to deal with the far clip, but I was just playing with it and couldn't get it to clip. Maybe it's being ignored?

    I added a model and moved it back to -110000.0 and scaled it up to 1200% so I could see it, and I could still see it. I set the cameras far clip to be 100.0, and I could still see it. I rendered the composite out, just in case it only effected exported renders and the model was still there.

    While I understand what it's *supposed* to do, maybe I'm not understanding how it works in HF, or maybe it's being ignored?

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    I know it's not being totally ignored, because I had some objects blink out of existence in a couple of recent shots I set up--in one case a 3d model, in another, a 3d plane. 

    Odd that it didn't clip at you. If you moved something {I assume on Z-axis} to - 110,000 units and your cam was in the default position of 0,0,1244 (720p) or 0,0,1844 (1080p) then I would have expected the object to vanish. Although... If you increased the size of the object by 1200%, it's leading edge might have been closer than 100,000 units. Maybe an object has to be completely past the clip distance to pop out? I also suspect that clip distance is intended to start at 100,000 and be turned up? So values under 100,000 just become 100,000? 

    Meh. I won't worry about it too much. We'll get a staff answer at some point during the week.  

  • Just double-checked and HF2 also clamped to 100,000. So if you did manage to set it to 200k, you must have worked some special magic. :)

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    I might have set it to 200k and just not noticed it resetting itself in the field as well. 

  • Hiya: So just found this thread. 

    @Triem23: with your scaling down trick, is there a way to scale down animation? Coz I've come across the problem after I tracked a shot in mocha, and the camera is moving so far out that all my cgi is disappearing, and I'm guessing it's because of this. Anyway of scaling down the distance it travels out?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @AlbusViaFilms yes, there is. 

    First, take a look at this tutorial, which shows a way to align your mocha track with the world.

    Now, since you've followed this technique, the next step is to scale the master align point. Since all points and the camera are parented to master align, the scale will propagate and push/pull everything with it. I actually did this tonight, where I had to scale a track up by 2000%. I've had others I had to scale down.. 

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