Masking Points

I created a mask and just want to fine tune the shape a little but, with some of the masking points, I am unable to just move them without handles popping on and completely changing the shape of the mask. How do I just move the points? I've tried zooming in on the points and when I did I found that sometimes the cursor won't select the point even when directly on the point. Instead, it highlights the point nearby and then adds the handles.

What am I doing wrong? (if anything) I just want to move the points not change the mask's shape with curved lines.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    It's a bit tricky, since dragging the points tends to create the bezier handles. Drag the handles out, move the center point then right-click the point and change it back to a corner to remove the handles. It's a pain, but that's the expected behavior. 

  • For me, that happens sometimes when I miss the point and click on the line and it creates a new one.

    Keep in mind, if it does change it to have handles, right click on the point and select 'Make Linear' to remove them and go back to the original behavior.

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    Thanks guys! I didn't think of right clicking. I kind of wish they would change the behavior so you'd have to double click to get the bezier handles.

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