Vegas Pro 13, Hitfilm 3 Pro, and Win 7 settings when using integration.

The only way I can successfully run Hitfilm 3 - Vegas Pro 13 integration is if I set the "GPU acceleration of video processing" to "off" in Vegas Pro 13 Preferences – Video then I do not get the error message "Hitfilm server has stopped working".  If set set GPU acceleration of video processing to" NVIDIA Corporation (Quadro 4000)" then I get the error message. Anyone else experienced this?  


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    Not personally, but there's been a lot of discussion and breakdown on GPU issues in Vegas on the So Cal Vegas users group on Yahoo, and Vegas doesn't play as nicely with Nvidia GPUs as it does with AMD. 

    In short,while this is a good issue to raise here, based on past data, there's a good chance it's Sony's bug, not FxHome's, and you might want to also take this issue to the Sony Creative Software forums as well.  

  • I agree, I have posted this issue on the Sony Vegas Forum.

  • I run with GPU acceleration on in Vegas Pro 13 100% of the time with no problems. When I run Hitfilm 3 Pro in Vegas integration where I select a clip in Vegas, edit the clip in Hitfilm and return and replace the clip in Vegas (integration). The error occurs when I close Hitfilm and then close Vegas (in any order) I get the error message "Hitfilm server has stopped working". You can watch the sequence of events in the task manager. The Hitfilm server fails to shutdown when Vegas closes. Why is the Hitfilm server not being shut down properly when Vegas closes (with GPU acceleration on) - only the developer can answer that question. Turning GPU acceleration off solves the problem but it does not mean it is a GPU problem. What other functions are being shut down when you turn off GPU acceleration? Only the developer can answer those questions.

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