R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy

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Fairwell, Leonard Nimoy. 

The Internet is abuzz with Spock tributes, and this is to be expected--Spock is an iconic character, and Nimoy's best-known work. Some people are mentioning Mission: Impossible, and, of course, The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins. However, when recently watching my Blu-ray sets of Trek: TOS, they had a profile on Mr. Nimoy I will touch upon here. 

Nimoy discussed how, later in life he found a passion for photography, and talked about a particular photo series he had worked on for a decade. Petapixel ran an article today about Nimoy's passion for photography, and I choose to share that here as tribute to Nimoy's most personal, least known work. 

 He lived long, he prospered. We have been, and shall always be, his fans. 

Thank you, Mr. Nimoy for your decades of work, and the many-many roles you gave us, from Spock to Galvatron, and, of course Martian #2 in Invaders from Mars. You were also a rounded artist with albums, poems and photographs galore.  



  • Mr. Nimoy was an incredible talent.  Very much a renaissance man who mastered many disciplines as an artist.  But first and foremost, he was an actor.

    I have read many books on ST and the one thing that always stands out is the period before the first pilot when Roddenberry is trying to convince Leonard to don the ears.  

    Nimoy struggled with this decision. He considered himself a serious actor and stepping in front of the camera and millions of viewers for the first time with that strange almost distracting makeup took incredible commitment and bravery.  It was his passion for acting that carried him through and left us fortunate fans with a legacy that will live forever.

    May all of you find that passion in your art and the commitment to step into the light and try something new.  LLAP

  • A sad day. I will never forget the roles he played in some of my favorite shows growing up. Spock on Trek, Paris on Mission Impossible, William Bell on Fringe, John Walking Fox on Gunsmoke and Oontah in Daniel Boone are some of my favorite characters he played. There are many others- too many to name. I was surprised when he rejected Spock for a time but was elated when he finally embraced the reality that he will probably be known for playing Spock most of all & forever. He will be missed and remembered for a good long time.

  • My mother was a total Star Trek geek (I know, she's the coolest).

    I remember watching Shatner and Nimoy explore the cosmos with their dominating presence on the screen. I remember asking my mother if they were really in space because it was all just so believable to my 8-year-old brain.

    I never really got into Star Trek the way my mother did but I came to appreciate Leonard Nimoy long after his run with Star Trek. To me, he always seemed like a kind and modest spirit. He helped inspire the current generation of astronauts, engineers and physicists too look up and remember that the future is something you build, not something you wait for.

    I can't think of a better way to be remembered.

  • To have been involved in a show which directly influenced and inspired scientists, astronauts and designers must have been hugely satisfying, aside from the dramatic achievements of the show itself. The show will be around for a long time, but the reverberations from its ideas will last even longer.

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    RIP to Harve Bennett, producer of Trek II-V, Six Million Dollar Man and many other projects. 

  • Triem23 - Nice call. I second.

    Glad we don't have to say the same for Harrison Ford after yesterday!

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    Nope. Leonard Nimoy, Harve Bennett and Gary Owens is enough loss for one month. 

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    Strange how they go in threes. Gary Owens, wasn't he on Laugh-In? I was just a little kid then but I still remember his voice from dozens of other things too i.e. he was the UFO Mania announcer in Muppets From Space- uncredited.

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    Yup, that's the man. Also the original Space Ghost, Powdered Toast man and just decades of work. 

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